UYT077 Body Versus Spirit

Body Versus Spirit The Differences may Surprise You.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience not a physical being having spiritual experiences. This is a very popular concept in all spiritual followings. Basically meaning that you are spirit. The vehicle for that spirit is your body.  So how does body versus spirit come into play. First, the body is a biological organism created by you to sustain your life force energy. Many people go about life ignoring their vehicle as they do their spirit. Being present in your physical form is important as is the spiritual equivalent. Why is this so? The answers are in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth.


In this podcast you will learn:-Body versus spirit

  • The differences between Body and Spirit.
  • How to have the two work together.
  • Why having the two relate is important.

 During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.


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welcome to Unlocking Your Truth another podcast by dr. Lesley Phillips  [Music] hello everyone welcome to Unlocking Your Truth with dr. Lesley my name is dr. Lesley Phillips and I will be your host for the next hour so we’ll get straight into the topic of the day which is body vs. spirit and body spirit communication so the question of the day is what is the difference between body and spirit so I’m going to read out my top ten differences in a minute but here’s the thing you’ve probably heard me lots of times on the show say you are spirit you’re not your body your body is a biological organism created by you to sustain your life-force energy created by you so that you can have some very focused experiences here in physical reality but hit but many people go through their lives ignoring their body either pushing it too much stressing it too much or ignoring it and not being in their body at all and so I thought it would be a really great subject for this evening I find a lot of people have that body spirit thing out of balance and it’s a good moment to introduce the show producer Corry hi Corry hello so what would you say  let’s see what you think are the  differences between body and spirit one  is corporal and the other one isn’t yeah  one is made of dense physical matter and  the other isn’t made of matter at all  not at all another difference is that  the body exists within the concept of  time in a spiritual reality there is no  time in fact in physical reality there  is time and there is space in spiritual  reality there is no time and there is no  space so your physical body can only be  in present time  but you the spiritual entity you can be  anytime anyplace anywhere  can you think of any other differences  Corry well I guess one is open to the  Z’s and one isn’t but that’s the  corporal side of it as well I had the  two first ones very good well here’s a  related one to the fact that the  physical versus the non-physical form  that the body uses effort everything  that the body does requires effort  requires energy good one yeah whereas  the spirit there is no effort whatsoever  and that’s one of the ways you can tell  if you’re creating a spirit versus body  because so many people these days  they’re into the manifestation thing  aren’t they and it’s like well how do I  know that I’m you know doing it right  how do I know that I’m working as spirit  if you’re using effort you’re not  working a spirit if you’re using effort  that’s your body ones eternal and the  other isn’t yeah one’s mortal the  physical body and at you the spiritual  entity you are eternal one is finite the  physical body there’s a beginning and an  end to the physical body and the other  is infinite there is no end to who you  are when I go to Google what is it well  one can be male or female and the  other one is strictly only one sucks  very good yes one can be male or female  and the other one is neither in base  nature yeah and in fact you know just to  broaden that concept a little bit  everything that the physical body  experiences is is in polar opposites  male/female light dark because it’s in a  planet of polarity and a planet of  duality whereas spirit is a part of the  oneness you know there’s no separation  there’s no opposites that just is the  isness of being  and another one we could say is of  course and it relates to the one about  being dense physical matter is that  dense physical matters a very low slow  vibration whereas you the spiritual  entity have a very high frequency so  there’s a big difference in frequency  between the body and spirit hmm and we  sometimes talk about that on the show  one has emotion one doesn’t yeah this  one has emotion and the other one  doesn’t  emotion belongs to the physical body  emotion is how your physical body  communicates so you know I was going to  go on to talk about well okay you’ve got  these two things the physical body that  you’ve created and you the spiritual  high vibration spiritual being how do  you get the two into communication how  do you listen to your body and number  one to listen to your body is listen to  its emotional signals that’s how it  communicates to you that’s how it  communicates with you and it has other  ways of communicating with you so if you  ignore the emotional signals it might  start sending you some physical signals  you know like developing a disease or  something so that you it becomes harder  to ignore it so listen to your body  through its emotions and I would think  another one would be that spirit is  connected to all other beings yet the  body isn’t yeah well hopefully not  sometimes they can be created to other  beings and you know another one is you  know in spiritual reality you might  notice in your dreams you can move  through walls you can move through solid  matter whereas obviously in your  physical body and physical reality you  can’t do that another difference is the  the body’s highest fiber  and the body’s way of figuring things  out is through its intellect where our  spirit there’s another mode of attuning  to information which is intuition  so I’ll just going to talk a little bit  more about body spirit communication and  how we bring these two very different  aspects together so remember we said  listen to your body’s emotions or it’s  physical signals and take them into  consideration because your body is going  to be a much better partner for you and  your life will therefore be easier if  you can understand your body and if you  listen to it and if you take care of its  needs the other thing is take charge of  its the mind the computer that the  body’s computer so that you can be in  charge of what thoughts you are thinking  and what beliefs you are having and then  finally how do you but on this idea of  well how do you the spiritual being  communicate with your body well yes you  listen to the body through its emotions  but you talk to the body through your  inner voice so that voice inside of you  it’s not your thoughts it’s not your  monkey mind it’s not that mind chatter  but there’s a voice inside of you that  sounds just like you that you can trust  that gives you guidance that always  gives you really good information that’s  your inner voice so you can communicate  to your body through your inner voice  and you the temporal personality in it  you know in the physical body and you  can listen to the body’s emotions and  then one final tip before we go to break  and then I know we have a number of  people lined up yeah so so so I’m just  going to talk a little bit about  grounding because  grounding is the best way to help  connect you the high vibration spiritual  being with your physical body and why is  that this is a technique that’s a bit  like electrical grounding okay so what  you do is you create a flow of energy  from near the base of your spine that  goes all the way to the center of the  earth and that helps anchor your energy  in your body so that you can flow  through your body it helps you release  denser energies from your body so that  you increase the vibration that you’re  holding in your body so that you can  make that connection between body and  spirit much more easily  you  you  you  hello everyone welcome back to unlocking  your Truth with dr. Lesley now we do  have a caller on the line hello caller  hello Susan hello Lesley hi how are you  yes I’m okay  pretty good good yes okay so I guess I’m  to ask you a question sure  okay so my question is um I have a  strange thing that’s been going on and  that said I am a very healthy lifestyle  person so I don’t do anything that would  be considered unhealthy which is kind of  extreme but I don’t do I don’t smoke I  don’t drink I exercise I eat lots of  healthy food that kind of thing and the  weirdest strangest thing is I’m forever  ironically very rarely does a day go by  that I don’t have some kind of a health  problem and it’s constant and it’s them  and quite often the issues are so like  they’re all different too which is  really weird like one day it might be  and I used to get asthma a lot for  example them all and what’s happened is  a lot of these things have resolved over  the years so it’s not like they’re the  same issues for the rest of my life like  they they come they last for a few years  and then they’re gone which I often work  my way through so anyway and I have the  same right now it’s like every day  there’s something and I’m just kind of  wondering why is such a healthy living  person who strives so strongly to be so  has this problem last great question and  I don’t know that you were able to  listen to the earlier part of the show  but we were talking about body spirit  communication so it’s a perfect show to  phone up with this question actually Oh  beautiful yeah so I’ll go into trance in  a moment and look at you specifically  but well it one of the first things that  struck me about this is you know  so sometimes we you know there’s all of  these ideas out there these rules about  what if you do XY and Z then this is  what’s going to make you have a healthy  body all right and those might be  external beliefs coming from doctors and  lifestyle advocates and so on and then  we’ve got our body your unique body that  belongs to you that has its own unique  needs and so there’s a difference  between listening to those external  ideas of what you should be doing and  listening to your own body so that was  the first thing that struck me and and  and I’ll just ask you and I’ll go into  trance and give you some more  information do you listen to your own  body you know I try to I people often  say to me oh you’re so tuned into your  body like I I really do try to hear what  my body wants for example you know  lately I all of a sudden I felt like I  needed to have some lamb souvlaki  so even though I usually mostly  vegetarian diet I went and bought myself  some lamb souvlaki so I will step out of  my box and go for example then I also  had sorry to jump around but I also had  Dairy III all sudden I felt like I  needed eat dairy which I normally avoid  so I usually try a listen it could be  that my mind isn’t always listening but  I try okay all right we’ll give me a  moment keep your eyes open I’m just  going to go into a chance so I can see  more deeply into your question okay  okay so I’m taking it I’m taking a look  taking a look at you and what’s going on  and so I’m it’s kind of interesting so  I’m going to ask you another question by  way of giving you the information and  that is you know what we were saying  earlier in the show the body’s main way  of coming food craving is one thing but  the body’s main way to communicate with  you is actually through its emotions its  emotions will tell you how it’s doing  how it’s experiencing the life  circumstances that you’re putting it in  and and and to me it looks like you’re  actually you’re actually not listening  to your emotion you’re right you’re  right as a matter of fact before I  called in I turned on some music which I  never do and as soon as I turned it on I  started to cry which I’d only do that if  I listen to music I my emotions aren’t  easily accessible unless there’s  something in the arts that will trigger  it right and and so therein lies your  issue because what happens is the body  will communicate with you first through  its emotions and if you don’t listen it  will shout louder by developing asthma  or an allergy or some other physical  condition so that you can’t ignore it  and so you’re catching it at the point  that it moves into a physical  manifestation but you could catch this  earlier if you taught yourself how to  listen to your body on a regular basis  by listening to its emotions okay that  makes a lot of sense that makes a lot of  sense because I I have a very I don’t  know what it is but I seem to have a  very strong ability to not experience  emotions unless I am in an environment  where emotions are typical so if I’m  watching a movie or listening to music I  will then be able to access my emotion  yes you  no it looks like you’ve kind of shut  them shut yourself off from them I’m  seeing it’s sort of like you to me you  look like you operate do you know about  the chakras and so to me it looks like  you operate primarily from your crown  chakra which is which is which is great  it’s that gateway between body and  spirit and it’s a way of accessing your  knowingness and it’s a way of connecting  with you know your higher reality and  it’s a way of connecting with your body  as well but I’m just seeing that from  there then down from there that there’s  less activation and so and so for you  getting more into your body and of  course exercise can that you know being  really present can help you be in your  body grounding which we were talking  about earlier in the show and this it  will help you get into your body so just  being more in your body having and and  then be and then paying more conscious  attention to it at the level of its  emotions MO and they are responding to  the emotions in real time as they are  happening so that you’re not shutting  them down and ignoring them and then the  body then has to turn what it wants to  say to you into a physical symptom all  right  this is making beautiful sense I’m I  hear what you’re saying and I’m gonna  try that right wonderful okay yeah oh it  looks like Corry I’ll show producer has  something he wants to okay show producer  co-host also healer  yes I’m just at a point blank range  I can’t he can’t she can’t you hear me  oh now I can okay good thank you at a  point blank to be three point blank I am  in psychology there’s there’s a there’s  a term use it’s called secondary game  could you come a little closer I’m right  I’m right on the mic if Lesley we can  turn me up a little bit yeah I’ll turn  him up but he’s he’s okay okay how’s  that okay oh yeah now I can hear myself  as  okay so you know the point that you made  about not being in connection with your  emotions is very important because if  you can’t connect with your own emotions  then it’s difficult to connect with  other people as well with their emotions  however you we all need we all need  exterior motions we need people to like  us to love us to care about us and  sometimes what happens is even though  we’re healthy the only way because we’re  not emotional the only way we can get  people to show that emotion towards us  is by expressing our body expressing  something negative right and so what  happens is it happens a lot in with  people with depression they stayed in  depressed state because people care  about the Mendota on them when they when  they’re like that so if you’re having  that issue with emotion sometimes what  happens is your body and works with your  emotional mind or your your spirit to  have people care about you so it  produces negative feelings negative  illnesses just so that other people will  tend to lean towards you just I’m saying  I hear what you’re saying though I’m a  little bit worse than that I I don’t  even accept the support so I’m a very  independent person so I know what you’re  saying because I’ve seen that and I’m  and the more you definitely a chance but  in some way I’m doing that as well but  the more you don’t accept the support  the more that your subconscious or your  spirit will want you to do it we’ll try  to get that support yeah hi Harry  yeah so why don’t you try acceptance  acceptance is a very big thing exceptin  yeah except it’s accepting some of that  support accepting some of that caring  and dr. Dwyer who’s passed on us now it  would always say that Wayne Dwyer he  would always say that when you met do  manifestations or intentions which I’m  sure you do if you’re if you  because you sound like you do if you’re  setting intentions yeah don’t set the  intention to have an illness leave you  set an intention to become to become to  come to your perfect state which is  health with this health and wellness and  that that also helps just just look for  that he’ll go to that health and  wellness point yeah I’m sorry I’m losing  my voice a little bit here okay I can  barely hear you but I I’m doing okay  I’ll talk a little I’m losing my voice a  little bit so I’m not officer I went  horse okay thank you that was really I  hear what you’re saying okay great  thanks I’ll pass you back to doctor  listen okay yeah well I guess I gave you  my information yes and so thank you  you’re welcome out so helpful thank you  very much you’re welcome all right and  bye-bye thank you  [Music]  you  I believe we have another caller hello  caller  hey this is Elena  oh hello Elena how are you pretty good  all right what’s your question today um  it’s interesting what you’re talking  about today because it really pertains  to what’s going on with me for several  months now I’ve been just kind of sick  with one thing after another and the  latest for the last week or so has been  I never wanted doctors already in the  hospital and this has been like a floaty  feeling I’m getting light sensitivity  brain brain shocks and vertigo with like  the rim spinning and I just have so much  anxiety around this issue that I thought  well I thought I’d get another like a  pinion in terms of from a spiritual  perspective sure and you said what did  you say brain Zack’s it’s like what it  feels like the said electric Oh crying  perhaps yeah I’ve had a few times the  last week yeah and what did the doctors  what did they say when I first went for  the vertigo they thought it was low  blood sugar but then I’ve since had a  blood test and that’s fine and I have  previously been diagnosed with like  benign vertigo positional vertigo and it  should be a little bit of that but I  just seems different now  okay I’m just if there’s anything  spiritually going on with me that a  manifesting to my body absolutely I’ll  take a look for you now to keep your  eyes open and I’ll go into trance and  take a look okay great  okay so let’s see what’s going on well  the first thing I’m seeing and I’ll just  say what I see as I’m seeing it is it  looks like you have you’re carrying  around a lot of stuff in your aura so  when I went  first thing that sort of jumped out at  me when I looked at you is this you know  we just for listeners because I know you  know what an aura is but but just for  the listeners there’s an energy field  around you called your auric field it’s  electromagnetic energy and it contains  walls that you’re all sorts of things  and I’m sick Angel believes your  memories and and all of that your  emotions and what I’m seeing something  with you Ilana is somehow you’ve got a  backlog of things so it’s like you lit  up some stuff to clear from your space  and then you left it there and you  didn’t clear it from your space and so  first thing is it just looks like you’re  looking out at the world through this  dense energetic fog so that that’s the  first thing and so what I would  recommend right now is just now you have  that concept is just ground and start  I’m going to give you a hand doing this  just just clearing clearing that backlog  it’s kind of interesting because it  looks like a big sort of string of  related things somehow and it’s so it’s  like there’s something that you said I’m  going to change this and then you went  oh no I’m a bit I’m a bit afraid to  change it now because I don’t know what  it’ll be like if I don’t have this and  then it sort of looks like it got stuck  so that there’s going to be some more  stuff that we’re going to talk about in  a minute but let’s just give you a hand  let’s just give you a hand moving  through this a bit like playing Petrov  kind of it looks like it looks more like  stuff from the past to me and it  actually looks like some of it’s not  even yours it looks like some foreign  energy as well ok and and so that’s kind  of what I’m seeing and then I’m also  interestingly enough because the last  caller we were talking about her crown  chakra Mall so  seeing that we want to look at your  crown chakra so and before it looks like  some some of this stuff that you lit up  to let go of actually had to do with  self judgement and invalidation and also  all of the times in your life when you  felt invalidated and judged by others  and it stuck to you because you’ve got  some self validation invalidation in  there it looks like you sort of you sort  of went I think I’m done with this once  and for all finally I’m going to clear  this out and then you and then you  didn’t you but you but you stirred it up  so oh that makes sense  like it just feels like I’m overwhelmed  with yeah yeah that makes so and then  was there something going out the crown  chakra yeah there is I’ll tell you about  that in a minute but but yeah see and  the reason it feels overwhelming is two  reasons one because you list it up and  didn’t didn’t move it so there’s a  backlog but number two that there’s a  bunch of foreign energy there as well  that isn’t even yours which make it  feels really weird and strange okay and  then and then if I look at the crown  chakra this there’s something going on  there and it it looks so so you’ve heard  us talk about trance mediumship which is  the ability to flow spirit through the  physical body and and how what we want  to do we’re all trance mediums we all  are spiritual energy flowing through a  physical body and what we’re really  wanting to do is own our own bodies by  having our energy flow through and what  I’m seeing you did on a few different  levels was just want to clear out  foreign energy and at the level of the  crown chakra it just looks like it’s in  activated some some trance medium energy  me  where you’ve given your space away from  others to others where you haven’t owned  your space and where other people have  been able to hook into you and and I’m  seeing it so it little that up in the  crown chakra as well and you and that’s  that’s one of the things that froze you  because you felt controlled or stuck to  make the change so so that’s what I’m  seeing and so so you I know that you  know some techniques that you can use to  help with this at yo ground so grounding  and creating an exploding roses and  being in the center of your head so that  you’ve got some kind of perspective on  it and but I’m saying you just just sit  and just clear it and clear it and clear  it and focus on clearing it and what and  I’ve given you a hand but it looks like  it’s just a lot and so but I’m seeing if  you focus on that nuclear it I think  your symptoms are should ease up hair  great thanks so much lovely you’re  really welcome thank you for calling all  right okay bye bye bye  you  hello everyone welcome back to unlocking  your Truth with dr. Lesley we have been  talking about body versus spirit and  body spirit communication this evening  and we’ve had people calling up asking  questions that are totally related to  that do we have a question Corry yeah we  have a couple of email questions I have  a question first okay okay so you know  we often talk about and being that this  is about body versus spirit or body and  spirit the aura is that or a spiritual  is it not or is it physical well it’s an  electromagnetic energy field and it  actually emanates from your chakra  system so you have seven main chakras  and each of those chakras is it’s  flowing from front to back through you  know the orientation of the chakras for  the listeners these are energy vortices  that flow from front to back they are  most of them are horizontal to the to  the floor and each one relates to a  different aspect of your life and you  are experiencing your life through them  and processing your life experiences  through them each one of those emanates  an energy field and the aura is all of  those interpenetrating layers of energy  from the chakras but but would you  consider that physical or spiritual of  nature in nature  I would consider it energy I would  consider it energy and it’s part of your  spiritual communication system it’s part  of who you are as spirit see to me to me  the to me the the chakra system is  spiritual and I’m not a hundred percent  sure if I know the correct answer to  this but your chakra your chakra system  is specific to your spirit so it  basically travels with the spirit does  it not and and gets and gets and is  interactive with your life  it’s interacted with your life but  travels with your spirit well I would  say as you form a body you form an  energy counterpart to the body that you  communicate with it through and your  chakra system is part of that energetic  counterpart okay now the point of trying  to get to is to ask answer or ask the  question in a specific manner is that  your auric field which is full of all  kinds of stuff right does that travel  through from life to life okay so you  have so the answer to that the simple  answer to that I would say no a more  complicated answer to that is I would  tell you that you actually have a past  life or aura which is not which is  slightly different to the aura that’s  surrounding your physical body so there  is an aspect of your energy field that  carries past life information it’s  actually behind the back of your head  behind like the aura surrounds you your  entire body like a kind of energetic egg  and it relates specifically to this  lifetime okay but that aura is not  carrying all your past life information  that would be overwhelming whelming and  confusing oh definitely yeah but it does  leak some occasionally  sometimes there’s a kind of a crossover  yeah maybe we’ll say that we’re  crossover leakage into this into this  life no I’m just just that that’s more  or less what my understanding was  because a lot of times when readers read  and they’re doing chakra readings they  confuse the chakras with physical nature  as opposed to spiritual nature and I’m  not saying they don’t they don’t feel or  sense or read the chakras but I don’t  think they read it to the depth and the  miss read and especially if the  past-life  org field comes in to consider into  consideration at all as well and some  people might see that as opposed to  reading your your your aura in itself  yeah well if we want to go a little bit  complicated about things you know that  there’s a lot of people who are doing  readings I’ve kind of evolved it on  their own perhaps without any training  or in-depth understanding of what  they’re doing and there’s a way that you  as a reader can set your energy so that  you’re focused on that person right here  right now as opposed to irrelevant  aspects of that entity okay so you  always want to in a reading be orienting  yourself to the aspect of the person  that’s sitting in front of you and  what’s going on in their life right now  but past life readings are great but  often times people will go way too far  into that you know because you can you  can you can people can become obsessed  with who they were in a past life or  they can have the excuse that something  that’s going on in  present life is blamed on a past life  but you know what it or the most  important thing is this life you have  this body right now this is what’s  important  past life information can be therapeutic  and helpful when it relates to what  you’re going through now and when it  helps give you another perspective on  what you’re going through now I know  I’ve actually run into a couple of  readers in the past and that I’ve been  privy to their to their readings and I’m  watching these people and their act not  reading the person through say they’re  they’re reading themselves yes and  that’s that is another thing that really  it does happen and and so that the sign  of a good reader actually is is knowing  how to deal with that because everyone  you read is a mirror for you everyone  you read is reflecting yourself back at  you so a good reader knows how to  process that so that they’re not reading  themselves right mm-hmm okay well we  have our first question for you other in  mind I thought I thought our listeners  might like to order and you know I think  listeners there is a pastime show that  we we talked about chakras on and I’ll  actually also let you know that the  shows are now being turned into podcasts  and so they’re available all apart the  podcasts are coming out on iTunes and  stitcher and also some other vehicles  that have podcasts and you can also go  to and there’s  now a podcast button on my website where  you can listen to past shows categorized  by the show subject matter so so you can  listen to podcasts on CI VL but they’re  just katak they’re just listed by date  so now we have it available on my  website where you can see it categorized  by subject  matter and I know that there’s a show on  chakras I’m not sure if it’s live on my  website yet but if you’re interested in  that then you can go take a look on the  podcast page on dr.  all right so I have a question for  Mademoiselle Kelly or mrs. Kelly  whichever it is  I miss Kelly or anyway Kelly and Kelly  would like to know would relocation to  another city be beneficent to me to me  and my family and I’m just tuning into  Kelly’s energy using a technique that  refers to what I was telling you about  before Cory which is number one I go  into an altered state of consciousness  so I tune out physical reality and tune  into spiritual reality but number two I  orient myself to this lady’s energy in  you know in terms of know that okay you  like oh I’m sorry this is this is a  question that came in and I just looking  at how it’s how it’s put together that  what you’ve printed for me it actually  gives the latitude and longitude that’s  how they come in normally I don’t print  that stuff out but but yeah though that  that’s how they come in we know where  you are if I needed that to locate this  lady it would be good but I don’t so  let’s take a look and she’s asking would  it be beneficial for her to move to a  different physical location it actually  looks to me like it might be but there’s  a couple of there’s two different levels  to this answer so I’m I’m actually  seeing that too then in if I was to look  at where you live now which Corry knows  because he’s looked at those coordinates  but I don’t I would say that to the  north of where you live now or to the  north north east of where you live now  looks like an interesting direction to  consider for a move  so that’s the first thing and because it  looks like there’s something in that  direction maybe a city to the  north-northwest of where you live that  looks quite bright so it looks like  there’s opportunities there for you and  your family that would make your  situation better than it is where you  live now so I I don’t know anything any  more information about you but for  example if it for example if it was  proving hard to find enough work where  you live now this other location looks  better in terms of that and and it  actually it looks better for everybody  so that’s the first thing the second  thing is I feel like this a reason that  you asked that question which has to do  with you and what’s going on inside of  you so I’m also going to take a look at  that because it looks like you’re  wanting to blame a set of perceived  external circumstances for life not  being exactly how you’d like it to be  and we want to help you not to just take  yourself from one place to another and  take the same problem with you because  you create your reality we want to help  you see if we can help you with that as  well so give me a moment although you  know what it’s funny in this case after  saying that in this case I actually  think that a physical move is a  mechanism that you could employ to help  you leave some stuff behind that  is affecting you and so it’s funny I on  the one hand you create your own reality  but it looks to me like in creating a  move you create an easy way for you to  let go of some stuff on a spiritual  energetic level at the same time as  moving to a place where there’s some  better opportunities for you and your  family so I hope that helps you Kelly  and we’ve got time for one quick quick  quick question a quick quick quick  question why this is from Lena Lena says  I’m so tired and happy against  consistently sick and achy I want to  stop working at what I do right now but  can’t financially what do I do thank you  okay great we’ll take a look at that for  you  so Lena is tired unhappy achy wishes she  could stop working but this fight a  financial reason why she can’t do that  so I’m going to tune into her energy and  it’s another good question for a show on  body vs. spirit and I’m going quiet just  because I’m tuning into her energy  frequency and Lena if you’re listening  to the show it’s really interesting but  I’m seeing a direct parallel between you  and one of the ladies that called  earlier  Alana your energy field actually looks  quite similar to to what I was seeing  when I looked at her in that you you’re  carrying a lot of past time energy  you’re carrying a lot of past time  energy in your energy field that you  would like to let go of but something’s  preventing you from you’re afraid of  change so you’re afraid to let go of it  and it just it’s taking a lot of of  energy to hold all that pastime energy  if that makes sense  so it’s sort of like the body is  overburdened the body is carrying a  whole bunch of stuff around and stuff  that it doesn’t need to be carrying  around and let me see if I can be any  more specific in two minutes I have left  give me a second it looks like you’re  afraid of doing things wrong the  achiness in the joints I’m seeing that  there’s fear in the joints and the fear  in the joints is it’s like fear of  moving forward fear just fear of moving  forward fear of what will happen if you  move forward and I would suggest look at  your childhood for what happened to you  when you wanted to move forward in your  own way versus in accordance with  someone else’s expectations and  judgments so I’m seeing that with really  what’s key for you is to relinquish this  past time energy that you’re carrying  around mostly from your childhood and  it’s fear that’s keeping you stuck and  in this holding pattern so that that’s  kind of what I’m seeing and what I would  recommend for you is learning some  meditation techniques such as grounding  so that you can start to take charge of  letting go of some of this energy so how  to let go of it learn how to ground  learn how to meditate and that will help  you so we have lit we have reached the  end of today’s show you are welcome to  write to us in the meantime with your  suggested topics for next week’s show  write to info at you can also send questions in  advance to info at  thank you for joining us you’ve been  listening to another Unlocking Your  Truth podcast by dr. Lesley Phillips for  more information go to our website at that’s where you can ask  questions or send her an email and  there’s many free gifts on there for you  as well come back again  [Music]  you   


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