Past Life Readings and Akashic Records FAQ’s

How Past Life Readings And The Akashic Records Are Related?

How past life readings and Akashic records are related can open up a whole new world of personal knowledge. What are the Akashic Records you may ask? They are a recording of the entire cosmic consciousness. That is why they are sometimes referred to as “The Mind of God.”  They contain a repository of the knowledge and experiences of this planet and all of its life forms, including human beings; as well as other realities. All of your thoughts, actions and desires are woven into the fabric of this great tapestry, including those of your past, present, parallel and future lifetimes. The past life readings and akashic records Akashic Records can be accessed by an experienced clairvoyant. For example, giving a Past Life Reading is just like watching a movie to me, but with more information about how the people involved are feeling. I can readily fast forward through time and pause for more information on important events.

What Is The Purpose Of Past Lives?

A soul may spend many lifetimes learning a specific spiritual lesson. Each life may view the same issue from a different angle and provide a new perspective. These experiences and perspectives help you expand. Because you are a unique part of the cosmic consciousness your experiences of reincarnation also helps expand all knowledge. You actually create in multiple realities and dimensions. Physical reality experiences can be most challenging. As you may forget who you are and become embroiled in the density of physical matter. By rising above the layers of illusions you can live each life from a fully conscious perspective. If that doesn’t happen then this gives you the opposite experience.

What Is Karma And How Does It Relate To Past Lives?

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning “action”. Also known as the law of cause and effect, the belief is that every word, thought, or action creates an imprint which at some point will be reflected back as either a positive or negative experience. This reflection may occur in the present life or even in a future lifetime. This also means that you can be influenced now by thoughts and deeds you had in the past. It is true that you create your reality through your beliefs and desires. It is not true that you have no choice in this. Whatever life you are living today, you chose it.  What is more you came into this life with a clean slate. If you are creating similar circumstances and beliefs in this life it is by choice to continue expanding your experience in a particular direction so undersating who you are from past life readings and akashic records is important.


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How Many Past Lives Do I Have?

Each soul has unique path and so a unique number and variety of lifetimes are required to fulfill that path. I have seen many hundreds of my own past lives n Earth stretching back to the beginning of human existence on this planet. Most of my clients are similar, although I have met some who were younger souls or were old souls, but new to the Earth. It is said that the Buddha had anywhere from 500 to several thousand lives before he reached enlightenment. According to the readings of Edgar Cayce, Jesus experienced 30 or so lifetimes before becoming the Messiah.

How Can I Remember My Past Lives?

As one progresses on the spiritual path the natural unfolding of spiritual abilities can open the ability to see other lives. For example Buddha is supposed to have remembered all of his previous lives once he became enlightened. However, many spiritual teachers advise against paying too much attention to them, as they can become a temptation for the ego and can distract you from your current life circumstances. For example if you discovered you were a great leader in a previous life it might stop you being open to new information in the current life. My approach is to focus on past life scenarios that are useful for healing and transforming current life situations.

I Have Had Some Experiences That I Think Might Relate To Past Lives?

Past life memories are more prevalent in cultures with a belief in reincarnation. Most westerners do not remember their past lives. However, some people do have experiences that stimulate their curiosity. Such as a deja vu experience in a place being visited for the first time, a meeting with someone new who feels like an old friend or a dream where they are in a different body or period of history. All of these can be genuine experiences of past life recall. Past life readings and akashic records information are very helpful and informative for your current life.

Why Do Some Religions Believe In Past Lives And Others Do Not?

All Eastern religions accept reincarnation. However, Christianity removed this belief from their doctrine during the sixth century BC. The bishops were under duress from the Roman Empire at the time as several popes had been murdered for supporting this belief. The bible was rewritten and old copies were destroyed at this time. The fifth ecumenical council cited the following beliefs as abominations: preexistence of souls; spirit existing without a body; unity of all souls with God; interconnectedness of all souls through energy.


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Why Do We End The Cycles Of Death And Rebirth

A shared purpose of humanity is to learn to overcome the ego. It is the ego that separates us from God (oneness) and feeds into the karmic cycle of death and rebirth. Once the ego is tamed then the soul has a choice whether to be reborn. Souls who have broken this pattern can choose to be born as a spiritual teacher with the purpose of helping others heal. Having a teacher who is able to help you see the beliefs, thoughts, judgments, emotional and behavior patterns that limit you and keep you stuck is a great blessing. Learning to accept yourself and life exactly as they are is an important step along this path and much of the information can be gleaned from past life readings and akashic records.

What Is A Past Life Reading?

A Past Life Reading is when a person like me, who is able to see spiritually, looks into your past lives and provides information to you about them. The past lives emphasized during the reading are relevant to your current life and help you make sense of present time experiences and beliefs.

How you use the knowledge of a past life depends on you. Some people adjust their energy fields, shift beliefs and release old patterns during the reading. Others take time to integrate the information. So changes  take longer. For some this happens unconsciously and for others it is a conscious exercise.

Past Life readings and akashic records information will stimulate your spiritual growth and have a positive impact on your present life.

How Does A Past Life Reading Differ From Past Life Regression?

Past life regression enables you to experience your past lives through hypnosis, guided by a therapist. Not everyone can be or wants to be hypnotized in which case a past life reading may be more suitable. The process of past life regression usually takes longer and therefore can be more expensive than a past life reading.

How Can A Past Life Reading Help Me?

A past life reading can help you shift unresolved emotional issues and stuck beliefs you are holding in your current life that are barriers to you creating the life you want. During the Past Life Reading, we identify and use past lives as opportunities for healing and transformation. The ultimate benefit is that you become clearer about your current life and path.

Past life readings and akashic records information can be very empowering. It can help you to draw from your spiritual legacy. For example you may have developed strong capabilities in these other realities. Bringing them to consciousness now can help you validate and use them in the current life.

You may spend many lifetimes focused on a specific area of expansion.  Each life scenario may view the same issue from a different angle and provide a new perspective. For example you may learn how to accept yourself and others by experiencing being an abuser in one life and a victim in the next. Or you may learn to balance giving and receiving by being a physician in one life and a patient in another. Having this broader spiritual perspective can be useful in putting current experiences into context.

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