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Why You Should Know How Do Chakras Affect Relationships?

How do chakras affect relationships? In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth we discuss an article “7 Types of Relationships and How They Are Influenced by The Chakras ( Each of these energy centers of your spiritual body has bearing on different aspects of your existence. When they are balance so is your life basically.  These individual chakras will affect many different aspects of your existence including but not limited to joint desire for comfort and abundancerelationships.

They define how such things as emotional connection, your reality, competition and even sex, as well as many more features of the interaction between people, is related to the Chakras. We also discuss how this can help the individual understand the whys and hows of their particularities when it comes to dealing with people. 

 As per the ancient Indian texts, the Vedas, there are seven (7) categories of relationships that as humans can be experienced during our time here. These seven classes of relationships will or can realize a type of synchronicity between two persons that match our seven main chakras:

  1. The First Chakra: The Root Center greatly influences our sexual energy in relationships.
  2. The Second Chakra: The Sacral Chakra inspires a relationship based on love and joint desire for comfort and abundance
  3. The Third Chakra: The Solar Plexus also basis itself on abundance but of a different nature. This relationship is more directed towards celebrity, status, and influence.
  4. The Forth Chakra : The Heart Center, people in Relationships of this nature are more involved in enhancing their particular personal nature and self-improvement helping each other burn through past life karma.
  5. The Fifth Chakra: The Throat Chakra, the individuals in this type of relationship do not let their base emotions effect their life experience but they live following a more of spiritual personal standard.  They meditate in order to access a deeper understanding and sense of the Universe.
  6. The Sixth Chakra : The Brow Chakra (Third Eye), this is a very uncommon relationship. The individuals involved relate at a deep psychic and intuitive level that creates a wonderful harmony and dedication to each other. They work together for the common goal of finding truth in their god and the universe.
  7. The Seventh Chakra: The Crown Chakra, these couples have found the ultimate in love relations. Basically both are at a point in their karmic journeying where they have almost finalized their journey. Their love is more ethereal and magical.

Join us on this episode of  Unlocking Your Truth and learn more about each of these seven types of relationships they are influenced by the chakras.


In this Podcast, How Do Chakras Affect Relationships, you will learn:how do chakras affect relationships

  • How to relate to people at a deeper level.
  • How to understand your partners emotional body.
  • Learn to create your reality.

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.


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