Forgive And Forget, An Adage To Live By – UYT081

Forgive And Forget, The Key To Health And Happiness

I have had days when I lost it with someone.  When someone hurt me and I became enraged. I could not forgive the person that had offended me. I was angry, fuming. I was uncomfortable with everything and everybody in my life. I just wanted the person I was mad at to disappear. The event toforgive and forget a word to live by disappear completely be erased from existence. Well they and it didn’t. Yet, at some point, cooler heads did prevail. The interesting thing was that the person I was angry with didn’t even know it. They didn’t realize that they had offended me in the manner that I felt they did. It is easy to say forgive and forget not always simple to do.

An interesting fact about the previous statement is that it is not always someone else who has been the culprit. The malefactor may even be you. I have countless times worked with clients that had a self-forgiveness issue. Not being able to let go of guilt about something that happen years previously. Mental self-flagellation can be the worst punishment one can administer to themselves at times. It gets you stuck and keeps you there. Not only does holding on to anger and pain irritate the psyche it also can attack the body in many ways. It can cause stress and anxiety and these in turn may produce severe negative physical maladies. We all know what stress can do to one’s health.  Remember perfection is impossible. Realize you did your best you could at the time.

In order to forgive and forget one must be learn to both take and let go of control simultaneously. Forgiveness is very much like a flower bulb. It does not look all that nice at the start. However, when you plant it in the soil of your mind, heart and soul it grows to be a beautiful flower with many petals of happiness. The opposite can be true as well. If you do not forgive it can fester and blacken your heart with sadness that will not be overcome. Let me refer to the popular adage “to forgive is divine.”  Notice however it does not state easy. There are ways to just this and we discuss these in today’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth.


In this podcast you will learn:-forgive and forget

  • Why forgiving releases you from pain.
  • Steps or stages of forgiving.
  • The 10 keys of forgiveness?

 During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.

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Forgiveness May be Your Key for Spiritual Enlightenment.


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