Tips To Know If You Have You Experienced Past Lives

Tips To Know If You Have You Experienced Past Lives Or Reincarnation

Have you ever had a dream where you were in a different body? This may be because of Reincarnation. This article will give you some tips to know if you have you experienced past lives.

Maybe you are a man today but you were a woman in your dream. Or you are a woman today and were a man in your dream. Perhaps you were intips to know if you have you experienced past lives a different historical period than now and when you look down you can see you are wearing clothes from another era. When you speak your voice is different. You might even be speaking another language or dialect and there is a feeling you are in a different town, city or even country. This type of dream experience can be an example of past life recall, stories of past lives remembered. Have you ever visited a new place (perhaps on vacation) where…

  • You recognize it even though you have never been there before.
  • In fact you have an uncanny knowing about how to get around without a map.
  • You see things that are so familiar, Yet the more modern things seem alien and out of place.

These can also be an example of past life recall

  • Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like they were an old friend.
  • Or had an instant and inexplicable dislike or revulsion towards somebody new.
  • You may be recognizing someone who you have had positive or negative experiences with in a past life.

Reincarnation stories told by children prove that some young children can remember their immediate past lives. There are lots of documented cases where they have been able to tell their parents where they lived and who their old family was. Although this tends to be more prevalent in the eastern cultures than in the West


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These are all legitimate examples of past life recalls. There are many more as well. There are ways to find out about past lives. The easiest way to understand if you have been reincarnated is to have a past life reading with a psychic or intuitive reader. They can tell you about other lives you have lived, where and why.

The most important things to glean from a reading, whether it is a past life regression, a dream or a full reading (where the reader goes back for you), is how it is effecting you in your current life experience. These can shed much information about the why, how and what you do things. If you want to know your past life free and answer the question “who was i in my past life “ I will give you a short free reading so you can get the idea of how powerful it can be.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth where we give you more interesting tips to know if you have you experienced past lives and exactly why and how this can be important to you.

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A Free Past Life Card Reading

Free Mini Past Life Reading


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