Past Life Readings

What is a past life reading & how can knowing about your past lives help you?

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​Past Life Readings allow someone who sees intuitively to review your incarnations & provide information about them. Lifetimes emphasized in the session are relevant to your current life & help make sense of present time experiences & beliefs. Past lives are used as opportunities to heal,  transform & to help you get clearer about your current life path. This session stimulates growth & has a positive impact on you now.

Dr.Lesley Phillips explains a past life session

10 Benefits Of Past Life Readings

    ​Past life readings can be empowering & help you:

    1. Better understand difficult relationships
    2. Recognize your soul mates and soul group.
    3. Know your souls purpose for the current life.
    4. Access abilities you developed in the past.
    5. Gain a new perspective on your challenges.
    6. Clear unresolved emotional issues.
    7. Shift self-limiting beliefs and stuck concepts.
    8. Release old patterns and adjust your energy.
    9. Validate that you are an eternal spirit.
    10. Discover why you are attracted to certain places and historical times.

What People Are Saying

“I just couldn't wait to share the amazing changes happening since we spoke for a past life reading. You made a comment about shifting perspective, something I have been working on, and it reminded me how much of an impact perspective has on our lives. I have lived all of my life in fear, with valid reasons for some of those fears, and others I just couldn't understand. While some of the truths I had to face were much harder than others all of them have given me a new understanding about why I made many of the choices I had made throughout my lifetime. It wasn't until I shifted my perspective in the midst of a crisis that the real healing began. During my reading there was a common thread about embarking on new things without the fear of what others think or even say. This has had a great impact. For the first time I have let go of self-doubt. Truly let go. I have started on my way on two new career paths. Things that truly speak to me, things that weren't suggested or hinted at by others, things I greatly feared because of self-doubt, things that bring me joy even during the hard parts.”

Julie Black
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Lesley, my very first past life reading from you was unbelievably accurate that it now makes me think a decision I am about to make is influenced by a karmic pattern. The readings you have done on me (Aura, Chakra, Past life) are all enlightening and I am learning more about myself now than ever."

Sevelina Simnos

“I met Dr Lesley Phillips at the Vancouver Body, Soul & Spirit Expo, where I approached her for a past life reading. I wasn't sure what to expect but what I walked away with was quite amazing. With some details she provided me about a more recent past life, including year of death, the country I lived in, and a general idea of a profession, I was able to do some research and discover who I was. I was a distinguished physics professor at Yale University by the name if Leigh Page (the masculine of my current name). Dr. Lesley provided me with more insights into my spirit than I expected, and I recommend that if you're interested in learning more about yourself, that you see her too.”

Leah Burns
John Doe UI/UX Designer
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Dr. Lesley's Past Life Experience

My first past life memory was as a toddler when I was confused when i was called by a name I did not recognize. As a teen I kept a dream diary, where I saw myself in other bodies at other times & places in my dreams. I also had experiences where scenarios in my waking life paralleled past life dreams where my friends took on different roles. I started keeping a past life journal, but stopped when my list exceeded 100 past lives.

I joined a dream group to explore what was happening. Then took clairvoyant training where I learned how to consciously access past life information. I qualified in 2001 after doing 200 past life readings in 2 years. I have now done over 2,000 past life readings. I gained much wisdom about reincarnation and am privileged to open people's eyes to their larger reality. I feel lucky to have such a window of perception into human creativity.

Past Lives Explained - Free Guide

past lives explained

Free guide packed with useful information about past lives

Listen to Some Past Life Readings

Click to listen to past life readings Dr.Lesley has done as a guest on various shows

A Few More Comments...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I recently had an amazing and very insightful past life reading with Dr. Lesley. I was really impressed with how precise and relevant all the information was – including aspects of past lives which are connected to current-life themes. The session was very confirming, and has provided me with an increased sense of self-awareness."

Jill Boadway

“I really liked the Past Life Reading I had. I keep going back and re-listening to the recording you sent me and I keep learning new things that are striking a cord within me. Thank You!”

Karl Petersen
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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The above services are complimentary service to those offered by professionals, including, but not limited to doctors, healthcare practitioners, lawyers, financial advisers. These services provide a spiritual perspective on your life and are not intended to take the place of a medical diagnosis, doctors consultation, treatment by the medical profession, legal advice, financial advice or any other type of advice provided by a professional adviser. Dr. Lesley does not give advice or predict the future because she believes in free will and your ability to create your own reality. By booking a session with Dr. Lesley Phillips you acknowledge this and agree that you are operating from your own free will and will not use the information provided during the session in place of professional advice.