Mentoring Sessions

An individual training program to support your growth

Being stuck in your life wondering what to do next it can be debilitating. It may be time to seek out someone to lend assistance. There is such abundant power in synergy. If you landed on this page & are wondering if Mentoring is for you send a quick email to Dr. Lesley for a complimentary 15 minute consultation and find out. 

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You Are Wiser Than You Know

​You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself - Galileo 

Galileo expresses my philosophy on teaching and mentoring very well. My role is to help you consciously realize what you already know. I offer guidance to help you see for yourself the next step forward on your path. I teach you techniques that empower you to take conscious control of your life. You can connect with your inner truth and higher guidance and operate consciously as spirit through your physical body.

Galileo - self discovery and mentoring


You can work with me to focus on your personal growth to overcome specific blocks, develop your intuition and transcend your limits. You will set the goals for the changes you want to see. Then we will work together toward those goals. I will help you change your inner world so your outer world will improve. We monitor the results together. See below for some of the ways people have used the program.

10 Reasons for Mentoring

  • Develop your intuition
  • Explore your healing abilities
  • Transform your life circumstances
  • Clear an unhelpful behavior pattern
  • Discover your life purpose or life's work
  • Let go of emotional baggage or old hurts
  • Increase your clarity about your spiritual growth
  • Release beliefs and blocks holding you back
  • Work through issues causing chronic illness
  • Learn to manifest your dream life

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

I did a custom chakra energy program with Dr. Lesley a number of years ago where she taught me to go deeper into myself and find and heal any patterns and wounds stored in my Chakras. I still use these techniques to this day and I have so much gratitude to Lesley for really helping me embark on my journey into self-healing and working with my own energy field. Thank you so much Dr. Lesley!

Marika Hall
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Through these mentoring sessions I realized why I made decisions that affect my life not so positively. If I were to make them today, they would produce a more positive outcome. The sessions were enlightening and helpful. I learned more about myself than ever before. Now I know my full potential and what I can become. You are truly gifted and I am blessed to have shared this wonderful experience.

Sevelina Simnos
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Mentoring Packages

Make a commitment to your personal growth & save at the same time.

Mentoring Program

4 Sessions

  • 4 x 55 min sessions
  • 25 min bonus session

8 Sessions

  • 8 x 55 min sessions
  • 55 min bonus session

12 Sessions

  • 8 x 55 min sessions
  • 25 min bonus session
  • 55 min bonus session

If you are very dedicated and want an accelerated growth package then a weekly session is recommended. However I find for most people a mentoring session every 2 weeks is ideal. It gives you time to practice techniques, incorporate what you learned into your life and for your body to adjust to the changes you made. Yet it is not so long as you fall back into old patterns. 

Dr. Lesley Phillips mentoring sessions

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