Regular Meditation Practice Made Easy, Part 1 – UYT084

Regular Meditation Practice, The Discipline

It has been proven that there are many benefits of daily meditation. A Regular Meditation Practice has been shown to have many benefits for the body and mind not to mention the spirit. Knowing that there are meditation benefits for health we still procrastinate. So knowing this why do we not do it?

We have many excuses and on the surface and they may sound reasonable. Even though we know about the positive effects of meditation on the mind, we still allow these excuses to take hold. They are just that. Excuses! There are many meditation research articles that show the wonderful effects of meditation on the body. This is especially when it is practiced regularly, preferably on a daily basis with a consistent discipline. In this podcast we look at some ways to make this easier. We share ten tips to help you overcome the obstacles and create a regular daily routine.



In this podcast you will learn:-Regular Meditation

  • Meditation benefits for health
  • How does meditation help spiritually?
  • 10 practical meditation tips.

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