Meditation Benefits Part 5, Why Is Resistance So Painful- UYT088

why is resistance so painful and tiresome

Meditation Benefits Part 5, Why Is Resistance So Painful Because It’s Actually Persistence!

Meditation Benefits Part 5 – If you are not sure about how your mind reacts to stimuli what happens when I ask you to Not Think of something like a clown? What happened? Did you think of a clown? The same holds true with emotions. What you feel brings on more of what you are feeling. Let’s look at anger. When you are angry with someone or something it usually is triggered and you have a small burst of the emotion. Then you focus on it and you can work your way into a rage. Why is resistance so painful? Because we make it so.

When we then try to shake that feeling of anger by focusing on it we are surprised when it will not subside. You are resisting the change by thinking about it. Resistance brings on more of the same. This isn’t magic. You have drawn a picture of something and are focusing on it. You have to have drawn a picture before you can erase it. This holds true with many life issues as well.

When you want to remove yourself from having a specific experience or feeling you put yourself into that space first. Then you try to stop it! What you have done is called it into the present. You resist the change. Why is resistance so painful? Basically, you keep manifesting more of the same in your life and can’t understand why it persists. That’s painful!  There is a way to stop this from happening. Stop resisting. Go with the flow. Let it in and then let it out without focusing on it. If you experience a bad thought just notice it and let it leave. It will. If you try to make it leave it will stick around. Meditation can help. Like to know how?

In this Podcast, Meditation Benefits Part 5, you will learn:meditation benefits part 5

  • Why resistance does not help.
  • Why mental building dams doesn’t work.
  • Why meditation works.

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