How To Relax A Busy Mind – Mediation Part 2 – UYT085

Is Your Busy Mind In Control? How To Relax A Busy Mind.

Sometimes my mind, as does most human’s, will just wander into a place that feels like it is a hamster in its exercise wheel just spinning around and around. This is what I consider to be “Busy Mind”. When you, in essence, lose control of your thought process and allow your how to relax a busy mind and relaxmind to go where it will.  So the question I am asking you today is “Are you in control of your thoughts or is your Busy mind in charge?” If you are not in full command then how to calm a restless mind may be of interest to you. How to relax a busy mind is the question of the day.

If you follow the meditation guru’s teachings you will notice that your thoughts are actually things that come and go. They have no real bearing or importance to your immediate circumstance in a manner. Of course I am speaking about relaxation time not focused thoughts like at work or the such. This when a calm mind meditation comes in handy. How to calm your mind stress is a great tool.

These scattered thoughts can speed through your mind and have no effect on the present moment and may set you slightly off kilter with the constant bombardment of and unrelated ideas. These thoughts are usually stress related and come from a base of fear or anxiety about the future or past. In many cases a mind wandering into the past and future makes us unhappy. This when you could learn how to calm your mind and focus and bring you some clarity. There are ways to subdue these thoughts and regain your control and composure. Learn how to relax a busy mind with some calm mind tips and other techniques to calm the mind on tonight’s show.


In this Podcast you will learn:how to relax a busy nind

  • A busy minded definition and what causes your mind to be so busy.
  • Why it is important to stop the monkey mind.
  • How to  calm your mind from anxiety
  • How to calm your mind for sleep

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