Finding Peace In Nature – UYT006


If You Are Looking For Healing, Can Finding Peace In Nature Be A Possibility?

If you choose harmony in your life finding peace in nature may be a wonderful idea. There are those times in everyone’s life when we face challenges and we begin wondering what is life all about. There is a simple answer. If you look deep into nature you are sure to find inner peace in a forest with nature all around you. The trees are alive. waterfallsWhen you witness the sun’s rays filtering through them and playing on the surface of the ground it seems like a ballet. The smell alone is intoxicatingly relaxing.

Eckhart Tolle discusses this in his books. He talks about taking time to look at the trees. Really take the time to study them. This exercise will bring you into the present very quickly and many of your troubles will flutter away like beautiful butterflies.

We are constantly moving through this experience we call life. We are generally growing in a positive direction, spiritually, emotionally even physically. Role models are very beneficial and can be extremely helpful. Nature is one of these. It can be a powerful teacher of transformation.


finding peace in natureIn this podcast you learn how:-

In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth we look at finding peace through nature. I share some personal thoughts on nature that were stimulated by observation of trees, rocks and waterfalls. You will be inspired to know that no matter how depressed, alone in the darkness you feel, things can get better.

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