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What to expect from a medical intuitive assessment

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A medical intuition session helps you with a specific healing project. You will receive a spiritual perspective on your condition. Healing is done by intuitively seeing and working on your energy from a trance state. Your energy may be viewed at the level of diseased organs, energy, emotions and mental concepts. 

Dr.Lesley Phillips explains a medical intuition assessment


    • Establish the root cause of your health challenge
    • See beyond the symptoms to hear your bodies messages
    • Understand physical, emotional, mental factors involved
    • Uncover past time traumas that led to your condition
    • Discover how your beliefs  are impacting your health
    • Receive guidance on the path to wellness
    • Catalyze your self healing process
      • Find out what has been stopping you from healing
      • Know how your body is responding to treatments
      • Take a holistic approach to your health
    medical intuition


Physical Body Scan

The Physical Body Scan is a bit like an intuitive CAT Scan. Your organs and their underlying energy matrix are visualized to identify issues and provide information to you about what the issue is and the underlying cause of this health challenge. All the systems of your physical body are made from electromagnetic energy. They are structured around an energy matrix, which is like a blueprint for optimal health. This reading assesses how well the physical structure aligns with its blueprint.

Energy Check

Subtle energy flows in your body through channels called meridians and energy vortices called chakras. The energy may be disturbed or blocked by foreign energy or stuck beliefs. An Energy Check provides information on how your energy is flowing through your chakras and meridians and any congested areas and blocks that are causing disturbance. You will receive information on the mental and emotional cause of the blockages. Blocked emotions and limiting beliefs can arise from traumas experienced during this life or a prior one. Healing is stimulated by bringing these issues into your awareness.

Energy Work

Energy Work is a non touch form of medical intuition healing that corrects the imbalances picked up by the energy check or physical body scan. To do the energy work I communicate with your higher consciousness a “thought based” level and your physical body through energy manipulations. I work from trance, so I can see your energy and I catalyze change in your system using neutral cleansing energy and through my intentions.

What People Are Saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Lesley energetically cleared out my thyroid/thymus glands after I was exposed to toxic chemicals from a new car interior and new furniture. This sped up my recovery from the resulting Chemical Injury greatly. I felt a great weight lift from me both energetically and emotionally because these exposures had made me depressed as well as sick."

Jana, Vancouver BC

"Dr. Lesley's insights and treatments have helped me to heal and to better understand myself. I would strongly recommend her to anybody. She is an excellent clairvoyant and healer and her energy healing skills are powerful. Her insights were always very accurate and she identified issues each time without asking any prior questions."

Eli T.
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"My back is feeling so so much better. I feel very careful with it, as usual, but I am not experiencing the pain, just traces of pain show up and I notice my posture is very poor at those moments and that my attitude is unconsciously taking a position of feeling unsupported and ungrounded. Now I am able to correct it and veer away from the pain. It's nothing short of a miracle as far as I am concerned."

Tarynn Liv Parker

What You Get

      • A 50 minute call with Dr. Lesley to help you uncover the root causes of your health challenge.
      • A reading of your full energy system and your emotional, mental and physical bodies.
      • Relevant environmental and nutritional factors addressed.
      • An audio recording of your call so that you don’t need to worry to miss anything.
      • A follow up email with support notes, a list of customized recommendations and next steps for you.
      • Competent, compassionate and loving support from Dr. Lesley
      • Dr. Lesley will call you either via phone, Skype or Zoom for your appointment - no matter where you are in the world.

Dr. Lesley's Healing Experience

I trained as a healer at the School of Insight & Intuition in the UK under Rupert Soskin in 1997 and under Mary Ellen Flora at the CDM Psychic Institute between 1999 - 2005. After qualifying as a CDM trained energy healer in 2000, I continued into advanced healing studies in their clairvoyant and teacher training programs. I completed over 500 energy healings during my training and have now done many thousands. Most sessions I do with clients usually involve some healing.

I have always been drawn to the healing arts, which is why I studied biology. My Ph.D. investigated how microbes are an abundant source of natural products that can be used in medicine. I worked in the medical field for over 20 years before dedicating myself to the healing and intuitive arts full time.

medical intuition guarantee

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The above services do not constitute a medical check up and should be seen as a complimentary service to those offered by your doctor and other professional healthcare practitioners. These services provide a spiritual perspective on the energetic counterparts to your physical body. They are not intended to take the place of a medical diagnosis, doctors consultation or treatment by the medical profession. Dr. Lesley Phillips provides energy based information of a spiritual nature. She does not give advice or predict the future because she believes in free will and your ability to create your own reality. By booking a healing session with Dr. Lesley Phillips you acknowledge this and agree that you are operating from your own free will and will not use the information provided during the healing session in place of professional advice.

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