River of Life, Your Journey Along It – UYT097

The River Of Life, Are You Paddling Upstream?

“May you live in interesting times,” an old Chinese proverb or curse depending on how you look at it. Basically I would like to express that we all not only live in interesting times but we live interesting lives. Our lives are filled with many, many experiences that all together make up who we are. They are the building blocks of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual natures. We are the equivalent of “lifetravel your river of life sponges” absorbing everything that happens to us, around us, to us and even in us. You could say that as we, as individuals,  are the explorers of our own river of life.

 Mostly we flow along and just enjoy the scenery occasionally stopping to spend a little more time in any given area. Sometimes we try our best to rush through a specific area because fear or an uncomfortable feeling has arisen within us. Regardless, the journey never stops until the end. We do however hold on to some experiences more than others.  

Are you holding on to some aspect of your life? Kicking and screaming to hold fast to a memory or event. Or are you just flowing along and allowing life to be exactly what it wants to be. We all have good times and times that are a bit more of a challenge. The issue is not that we may have negative experiences in our lives. The point is what we do with them. Do we allow a unhappy experience to cling to our souls anchoring  us down to bottom of our River of life or do we release it and continue our flow. Remember! Regardless of what you feel your life purpose may be, it is not really about the physical experiences nor even the mental or emotional ones that the journey is about. It is about the spiritual nature of life that we must expand upon. When we do this our lives become a pleasure cruise, mostly. Yes live life to the fullest but just remember what the “fullest living” really means.

In this Podcast you will learn:River of Life, Your Journey Along It - UYT097


  • What is meant by the river of life.
  • How we can enhance this experience.
  • What is my life purpose.

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