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Life Goals Are Important For Your Life Purpose and Spiritual Essence!

 Do you think life goals are important for turning the invisible into the visible? Let me ask you what are you doing with your life today? Serious question! But we all take that introverted trip of pondering goals and dreams at somesetting goals and achieving them point in our life. One of the questions we think about has to do with why we exist or even why life, itself, exists. This type of internal journey usually begins when something has challenged your happiness or even keeled existence. In most cases it is the physical nature of your life, home, toys, money, spirituality, relationship or even your body that is threatened in some manner. This brings on the hard personal questioning. How do I change what I do not like about me? You determine that it may be time for setting goals and achieving them.

Lots of people, like yourself, have challenges or desires in life and create a list of goals. My goals in life have changed as I moved through my journey. We all have life goals, don’t we? I will ask again how important are life goals to you? Even if a life goal is to not have a life goal. Sounds weird but if you think about it, some people swing that way. Then there are people who lean towards goal setting in business, goal setting for students or goals in life. Some even have humorous life goals. Here are some hints and examples of life goals setting strategies. Of course you will need some motivating accomplishing goals quotes to surround yourself with and keep you on track.

Now one of the misconceptions that I have found that people work under is that a life goal is the same as a purpose or a list of dreams for the future. Not necessarily true in most of the cases. “Life purpose” seems to have such a deeper meaning and also is usually more of a, “The ?” question.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Life Goals Are Important, while we discuss the topic life goals and life purpose differences.


In this Podcast you will learn:life goals are important

  • What is a Life Purpose and how important are life goals comparitively?
  • How can Life Purpose be different than life goals?
  • What are the different types of Life Purposes we may meditate on?

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