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What are my intuitive abilities and how can they support my life purpose?

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Your intuition blueprint was active at birth, but turned down as you adapted to your culture, family & the planet. Fortunately you can reactivate your abilities. The Intuition Blueprint provides a road map of your unique abilities. It explores your potential & if you currently use or limit them. Knowing your Intuition Blueprint sows seeds of change deep inside you. Your memory of who you are & why you are here emerges.

Dr.Lesley Phillips explains an Intuition Blueprint


    Your intuition blueprint can be empower you to:-

    1. Clarify your life purpose
    2. Access your intuitive abilities
    3. Gain insight on why you blocked your intuition
    4. Confirm your strengths and areas of expansion
    5. Develop a fresh perspective on your challenges
    6. Guide your life in a more fulfilling & joyful direction
    7. Discover why you are drawn to certain ideas & ideals
    8. Know how you are using & could use your gifts
    9. Shift energy blocks, self-limiting beliefs & stuck concepts
    10. ​You will receive a 10 page report containing your blueprint & a recording of the consultation

    intuition blueprint
Dr Lesley Phillips

Dr. Lesley's Signature Reading

I developed the Intuition Blueprint for two reasons.  1) I noticed that most people do not believe they are able to use their intuition. 2) The most common question I receive is "What is my purpose." The Intuition Blueprint Reading focuses on validating that you are intuitive and  revealing  your purpose.

I completed over 150 Intuition Blueprints in the two years since I conceived them. Many who receive this reading go on to study with me through my mentoring program and courses. I am amazed at the diversity of individuals in terms of how they are using their intuition to enhance their life and pursue their soul's calling.

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What People Are Saying...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The blueprint reading was an experience in self-discovery; it felt as if Dr. Lesley was providing me with a very personalized gift. She spoke to me with compassion and deep insight, delivering words of wisdom that transcend worldly knowledge and understanding. The reading was a wealth of information and a lot to absorb in one sitting, so I especially appreciated having an audio copy of the reading for future reference. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who is on a journey of 'coming home'."

Hayley R. Adams 

Having a blueprint reading by Lesley changed my life in a beautiful way. I have been lost all my life, constantly searching for my niche, for what I should do in life. this has created a constantly stressed state of being. after learning about myself, a new peace overcame me. the clarity I received by learning things unseen and unknown to my personality allowed me to stop my search and relax. I could begin to trust that my path and direction in life was not such a serious matter. it was exciting, like opening gifts as Lesley shared her incredible ability to see into my depths. to learn more about your deepest inner workings don't hesitate to have a blueprint reading by Lesley!

Susan DeShelly
John Doe UI/UX Designer


The above services are complimentary service to those offered by professionals, including, but not limited to doctors, healthcare practitioners, lawyers, financial advisers. These services provide a spiritual perspective on your life and are not intended to take the place of a medical diagnosis, doctors consultation, treatment by the medical profession, legal advice, financial advice or any other type of advice provided by a professional adviser. Dr. Lesley does not give advice or predict the future because she believes in free will and your ability to create your own reality. By booking a session with Dr. Lesley Phillips you acknowledge this and agree that you are operating from your own free will and will not use the information provided during the session in place of professional advice.

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