Why Keep A Dream Journal – UYT061

How To Keep A Dream Journal And More Importantly, Why Keep A Dream Journal?

Why keep a dream journal you may ask? I have many years and it has been amazing. When some of my students come to me for readings we end up talking about their dreams. People’s dream journals really help in recalling the small details which can be so bedside dream journal to help with your dream recall.crucial to the meaning. Without these dream journal entries we would not have a clue.

Basically, one of the areas where we can learn much about ourselves and our relationship with the Universe is during lucid dream states. Dreams and journals a door to the astral plane these are times when we actually entering the astral plane, astral projection if you would like to call it that. Out of body experiences contain lots of meaning in regards to our spiritual and physical lives. There are no limits to your astral travel in dreams. One of the issues however is dream recall. How can you possible translate a dream or understand its meaning if you cannot remember your dreams.

Have you ever woken from a dream in the middle of the night, the dream being very vivid and full of meanings? Then you fall back to sleep knowing that you will remember it because it was so intense. However when you wake the memory is gone. Just the understanding that you had a powerful dream experience remains. Well you are not alone. You can change this by keeping a bedside dream journal. 

 In this episode we discuss some dream journal benefits as well as some ways of how to start a dream journal.


In this podcast, Why Keep A Dream Journal, you will learn:why keep a dream journal

  • What is the purpose of a dream journal.
  • How to remember your dreams.
  • The importance of dreams.

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