Peace And Harmony, The Mystic’s Path – UYT119

Peace And Harmony, A Journey We Can All Take

This week we have an amazing guest and interview with Corbie Midleib. We discuss all kinds of interesting Metaphysical topics and concepts that can help lead us to a state of Peace And Harmony.Corbie Midleid peace and harmony the mystic's path Everything from Psychic readings to tarot cards, healing and we even touch on deep spirituality.

Corbie mystic’s path has spanned 40 years. She has met challenges, always questioning and leading what she calls an “examined life.”  Her path of peace and harmony has illuminated an essential Cosmic Truth, “God gives all of us what we need for a life filled with miracles and joy, and as long as our hearts are open, whole, and aligned with our Source Energy, anything is possible. “ What a wonderful maxim to center your life.

Corbie is a psychic, channel and medium, reading since 1973.  She has travelled coast to coast and even into the great white north, Canada, as a full time intuitive counselor. She is an inspirational teacher and facilitator who has had much media coverage on radio and television.  She is a featured channel in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT and is the author of CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET, the first volume in The Self Development Project series. We definitely await more books from her.

Corbie helps us all to make Spiritual Awakening “accessible” without the mystery or making it overly woo woo but yet showing us that peace and harmony are accessible.  She feels we need to know it is readily available to us all.  In her words, “The way to look at your Soul and your “self” down here is like a human being and the coat he wears.  The person doesn’t change from day to day, but the “coat” does.  The personality is your coat.  And you can wear something shabby, ill-fitting or out of style… or you can allow your Spiritual Awakening to deck you out in a coat that fits you like a glove – both now and when you are the Celestial Light Being you have always been.”

We discuss many interesting points in our time together with Corbie today:  live in peace and harmony

  • What is a spiritual awakening?
  • Is there a right way to have a spiritual awakening?
  • What happens in a spiritual awakening?
  • Do you have a choice whether to take it or not?
  • What are the stages of a spiritual awakening?
  • Are there physical symptoms that you can watch for?
  • Do spiritual awakenings have to be hard?What was yours like? 
  • How did you know that’s what it was?
  • Does a spiritual awakening tell you what your purpose is?
  • The world is such a difficult place today. 
  • How do I know being spiritually awakened is going to make any difference?

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