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Access Your Inner Wisdom Before You Start Teaching

Have you ever thought that our North American education system was not what one would call up to par? I have on several occasions. I am certain I along with many others would not be alone in this opinion. Then the question arises if it is the school curriculum and way of presenting education, is it the teachers and their skill at getting the info across or is it the mindset of the students? In today’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth we speak with Dr. Janice Fletcher who is retired from the teaching field but far from retired from teaching. She basically agrees that all three of these issues exist and are interrelated. The school system is choking the teachers as far as allowing them to actually teach which in turn can cause the students to disassociate with the learning process. We are letting down our teachers and students. This is why we need to access your inner wisdom.

Dr Fletcher has written two books about the subject: Wisdom from the Inner Teacher guides us to rely on inner powers to access those Dr Janice Fletcher access your inner wisdomoften overlooked “Aha!” moments–whether we’re the student or the teacher–or even if we’re outside the classroom. Teach with Spirit guides teachers to reach deep within to identify and embrace Spirit as they fulfill their calling to teach.The research, stories and activities within this guide allow us to reflect upon our spiritual beliefs and clarify them into succinct definitions.

Her Optimal Wisdom Learning (OWL) is a six-step process of accessing wisdom, insights or Aha!s builds a superhighway of the brain nerve,  the corpus callosum, connecting the left brain, right brain. Choose our lens: biology, neuroscience, physiology, or spirituality? The process of opening, accessing and sustaining receptivity to creativity, insight or Spirit (right brain) provides greater fulfillment in our teaching. Also through a series of hands-on exercises, we transform ourselves into spiritual beings while serving Spirit in the human form.

Dr. Fletcher helps to guide not only educational leaders but businesses, non-profits and communities alike access your inner wisdom. Her goal is to assist people of all ages to attain greater student achievement results as well as those in their personal evolution. Dr. Fletcher delivers leadership coaching which serves as a training tool for educational development and self-help training.

Her Purpose Or Mission Of Business: To support a transition to conscious learning by awakening potential genius and creating optimal learning for all.

Some of the areas we will touch on:

  • What inner wisdom is.

  • What Optimal Wisdom Learning is.

  • How people are guided by Spirit in Teach with Spirit.
  • How life can change if one is guided by Spirit.
  • How her work and books are related to becoming intuitive.
  • What the six-step process is.
  • What is the difference between an Aha! Moment and an OWL Moment?
  • How an OWL moment is related to our Mind, Body, and Spirit connection.
  • The benefits one will have when they learn the six-step process.
  • Why Dr Fletcher wants to share this with the world.
  • How her system fits into the present education environment of test scores and the educational system.

Intuition Myths Busted   

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In this Podcast you will learn:access your inner wisdom

  • What inner wisdom is.
  • How to teach from your inner wisdom.
  • Owl Moment Ahas.

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