I'm thrilled you wish to take the next step in developing your abilities by taking an intuition course.  By scrolling down you will discover four self directed intuition development courses designed to suit your unique intuition style. VIP  programs that include live classes and 1:1 mentoring are in the planning stages. To be among the first to know when these enhanced courses are ready, sign up below and we'll notify you by email.

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This intuition course will teach you how to open your third eye and see intuitively. You will learn to interpret the colors of your aura, read energy, symbols and other spiritual phenomena; As well as provide intuitive insights to others.

Intuition course - Clairvoyance
Intuition course - Clairsentience


This course will help you receive information through emotional intuition. So you can read yourself and other people, manage your own emotions and energy, set boundaries and let go of others emotional energy.


Discover how to access your intuitive knowing. You will learn to know yourself, the divine and others. Know anything you want without using logic or external information and consciously connect with your higher guidance.

Intuition course - Claircognizance
Intuition course - Clairaudience


Master your intuitive hearing. Listen to your guides and helpers, talk to ascended masters, angels and other light beings. You will learn how to turn it on and off at will, be discerning about who and what to listen to and provide intuitive insights for others.

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