What Heals Emotional Pain? – UYT059

The Healing Vibration of Amusement Is What Heals Emotional Pain

Many people are searching for what heals emotional pain. Emotional pain can be one of the saddest afflictions that people can suffer with and can be too much pain to bear. It attacks the core of who we are and eats away at our very essence and can cause people to think death is my only way out. This type of emotional trauma can seem to cause emotional wounds that never heal. Emotional pain causing physical pain is not unheard of. Actually it is quite common and the reason many have physical maladies. And then when the physical pain is too much to bear it can cause more emotional pain. It is a vicious circle.what heals emotional pain easily and rapidly

Sometimes we even need to healing emotional wounds from childhood in order to relieve emotional pain symptoms. I often get asked what heals emotional pain. It is difficult to learn how to heal emotional wounds and scars but it can be done even if one feels like they have “too much pain in my heart”. It is being shown that even when emotional pain is too much one of the simplest cures or at least relief from the pain is Amusement.

It seems way to easy and too good to be true to think that amusement helps in healing deep emotional wounds and discharging mental symptoms of stress caused by emotional wounds that never heal. Well it can and it does.

I found this quote in Wikipedia.Amusement is the state of experiencing humorous events or situations.” Makes sense! We experience something funny and we are amused. Now I would like to add another quote from the same source.  I found the following statement to be a little disturbing.  “Current studies have not yet reached consensus on the exact purpose of amusement, though theories have been advanced in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and sociology.”  

I disagree with this opinion whole heartedly. The purpose of the amusement is simple. We derive pleasure from it. It is pleasure. It is part of the human emotional body as much as love is. What would life be without a sense of being amused occasionally?  Also, it can move us out of a negative state that may overtake us from an unhappy or fearful experience. It can change; replace may be a better term, the negative vibration to positive. It can be what heals emotional pain in many cases, helping childhood trauma symptoms in adults to be eliminated or at minimum be diminished.

In this podcast we look at what heals emotional pain and just how amusement does this.


In this podcast you will learn:-what heals emotional pain

  • Why amusement heals.
  • How to use amusement to change your vibration.
  • How amusement can overcome fear.


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