Open Your Sacral Chakra – Heighten Your Sexuality

how to heighten your sexuality

What Do Your Chakras Do?

So why is it that when you open your sacral chakra you heighten your sexuality? In order to understand this, you must examine the Chakras themselves and what they are in your reality.

The interpretation of the word Chakra from the Sanskrit language actually means disk or wheel. When considering chakras in meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda this term refers to energy centers in the body. You will find that all humans have seven principal chakras. These will begin at the base of the spine all the way to the top of your head. Many people will describe a chakra as a whirling wheel of energy. Each of the individual chakras has a roll in health, vitality, or spirituality and they are considered a life force (Prana) that actually keeps us living. Each of these centers is where our physical nature meets our spiritual nature.

Why are the chakras so important? These whirling rings of energy are related to glands, organs and specific nerve clusters in your physical body. Each relevant chakra works with them to maintain the running of our body. They also have a major roll in your emotional, psychological and spiritual states. Just like in simple plumbing the chakras must not get clogged because that would cause a jam or negative effect in some aspect of your being.

Each of your chakras is quite essential to your well being in every sense and since all aspects of the human being; the body, the mind, the spirit and the soul are intermingled and connected so are the relations between the seven chakras. This denotes that keeping them clear and balanced is critical to living your life to the fullest. It also enhances the distinct experience that each specific chakra corresponds to as in the second chakra, the sacral chakra.

Your 7 Chakras and Intuition

Get Your Chakra Intuition Guide

What Is Your Sacral Chakra

Firstly it is the area of your spiritual nature that pertains to your creativity and sexual power. It also relates an to effects how you deal with people, your relationships. It also is pertinent to your pro-creation, to give birth to your seeds of life, and then deals with your capacity to care for your children. Through this chakra you are able to discover your relation to other varieties of sacred unions:

  • The yin and yang equilibrium within each of us.
  • The blessed feminine and masculine.
  • The mindful sensual nature.
  • Love and lovemaking.
  • It also stores positive and negative energies.

The sacral chakra is located near the base of your spine. This wonderful and power chakra distributes your energy throughout your body and the other chakras. It is the doorway, the path, that all energy is initiated on its travel from the base of your spine all the way up to the brain allowing it to be nurtured and maintain it as a vital part of your being.

Another responsibility of the sacral chakra is to be an influential and consecrated place that also deals with your reality, your existence in the world. It touches on areas of fear and success in and around career, business, finances, community interfacing and interpersonal sexual relations.

Why Open Your Sacral Chakra?

When your sacral chakra is blocked in any way your emotional body and physical body are energetically affected. Relationships suffer both in an emotional and sexual nature. This Sacral Chakra is essential to your reality in the world and how you experience your life, it can define how you deal with passion, pleasure, your creativity nature, your happiness and general energetic levels.

The Second Chakra Is Associated With Sex Organs And Hormones

How does sexual behavior get affected when you open your sacral chakra? The sacral chakra location is at the lumbar plexus, which rules the reproductive system, abdomen, and lumbar region of the back. It is also sometimes referred to as the sacral chakra because of this location.

The endocrine glands associated with the second chakra are the gonads, which consist of both male and female sex organs. These include the ovaries, testes, prostate gland. They excrete sex hormones, which have a strong influence on mood, emotionality, and sexuality. Just ask any woman with PMS or a man high on testosterone or weightlifter on steroids.

An underactive sacral chakra or a sacral chakra blockage may cause negative emotional responses as well as loss of sex drive.

The Second Chakra Is Associated With The Limbic System

The area in the brain that relates to the second chakra is the limbic system. This is the animal or mammalian portion which rules our emotions; or our animal instincts; as well as our short-term memory and digestion. The limbic system is an important center for creativity and learning because it is where emotion and memory combine. We all can validate that it is much easier to learn when we are emotionally engaged than when we are bored. A sacral chakra guided meditation may help restore any unbalances in your limbic system.

If you find yourself exhibiting sacral chakra opening symptoms or you sense your second chakra closing you may wish to contact a psychic reader or healer to rebalance your seven chakras.

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