Fibromyalgia And Much More Can Be Escaped- UYT118

Fibromyalgia And How Kyle Davies’s Healing Modality Can Help

This week we have the privilege of speaking with Kyle Davies. Kyle comes to us from Wales. He has spent many years working in the psychology arena and has developed a new modality of helping people achieve optimum wellbeing, and experience greater personal freedom. He worked for the past 15 years helping sufferers of chronic health challenges such as Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and anxiety, recover their health and lead happy fulfilled lives. If you suffer from any one of these or know someone who does you understand the importance of his work.

His new healing modality is called Energy-Flow Coaching™. It can help you tap into your hidden potentials for healing, improved performance and peace of mind. If you experience  any of the previously mentioned maladies or if you simply just want to enjoy life to the fullest and feel better this may be the way to achieve your goals Fibromyalgia

Kyle is a Chartered Psychologist, therapist, coach, speaker, author and as the creator of Energy-Flow Coaching has facilitated transformations for those who are stuck, overwhelmed, lost or stressed and has empowered them to experience greater personal freedom and higher consciousness.

He has a new book “The Intelligent Body: Reversing Chronic Fatigue & Pain from the Inside Out.” It is a wonderful read and he shares some amazing insights with the reader. For more information about Kyle his website is and his facebook page is

Kyle is a wonderful individual as well as a dedicated healer. We have truly enjoyed the time we spent with him as we are sure you will.

Some of the questions we ask Kyle during the show:Fibromyalgia

  • How is your approach different from conventional practices?
  • There seems to be something of an epidemic of chronic health problems and the numbers of people on long term medications seems to be astronomical, why is this and what can we do about it?
  • What is the connection between the conditions that you work with – there seem to be a wide variety from anxiety and depression to fibromyalgia and autoimmune conditions
  • Your bio says you meld the scientific with the metaphysical, can you tell us what that means?
  • Why do you think we are seeing so many people either stressed out and unhappy?
  • Is there something holding people back from experiencing the feelings of health, wellbeing and zest for life that they desire?
  • Many people feel like they are trying so hard but still can’t seem to get the life they want, why is that and what can they do?
  • What can people do to experience better health?
  • How can people have more fulfilling relationships coaching?

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