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Does Energy Healing Really Work And How Does Energy Healing Work?

Does energy healing really work and if so how? Let’s examine some of the basic facts. The human body is, as is everything in our universe, comprised of energy. If the physical body is healthy, functioning properly, it would stand to reason that the energy vibration or frequency would also be running fine as well or visa versa. However if there is disease or emotional issues (negative emotional energy) in the being it would stand to reason that the energetic vibration would also not be at appropriate frequencies. If one could in essence change the vibration, does some energy work, and restore it to the optimum state it makes logical sense what are the different types of energy healing with melissa mintzthat this would cure the physical ailment. This is where energy healers and energy medicine practitioners come into play with their.

They can tap into the body’s own frequency and alter it to vibrate at the ideal level. Basically this vibrational medicine or alternative medicine is being taken quite seriously by health practitioners trained in either or both the eastern or western modality of medicine. More of them are learning how to do energy healing as well.

Energy Healing, or Energy Medicine is changing energy from a one state to another more desirable state (health). There are many alternative healing modalities (just as there are many religions) but at the core of all healing modalities is energy (as is core of all religions is love). Today we are going to explore the connection between healing and love and how your path to health, happiness & wholeness lies in you learning to take charge of your energy.

Our guest, Melissa Mintz, is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, author and speaker. Melissa also works in the mainstream field of medicine so she has a distinctive insider’s look and outlook on different types of energy healing as well as holistic medicine and conventional medicine. She has two recently released books on the subject of: It’s Just MY Nonsense, and Excuse Me! Your Energy Is Showing.

Some of the questions we ask Melissa during our interview with her:

  •  Tell us about your background and your work?
  •  What was your inspiration for writing your two newly released books?
  •  How do you use Energy to heal?
  • Why is it important to be aware of our Energy?
  • Does our Energy change around different people?
  •  Do Energy Healing sessions produce dramatic results?
  •  How can we use Energy to create a better life?
  •  Does the food we eat have energy as well?
  • Why is forgiveness so important to heal?
  • You have an entire section in your book devoted to Love. Why is self-love so important? Is it a part of self-healing?


Melissa is able to facilitate in person and does distance healing really work to share the power of healing with clients worldwide. To learn more please visit . Com join us along with Melissa Mintz on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth and rediscover the world of energetic medicine.


In this Podcast you will learn:does energy healing really work

  • How does energy healing really work?
  • How to be the boss of your energy?
  • Ho to live an empowered and joyful life.

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