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Can Energy Healing Help Me,Does It Really Work?

Can energy healing help me? Good question and I have heard it asked many times. Before I answer that let me clarify a few points as we look at illness and cures. Sometimes when we are ill or in emotional or physical pain and we need help. An Intervention! We seek out someone who has the knowledge and ability to relieve our situation.

However we have been accustomed to mainstream medicine. Not always but often enough this system of healing has issues. The symptoms can energy healing help me with illnessare treated as opposed to the cause, the root issue of the malady. If an ailment is very evident as in the case of a burst appendix or the like this type of medical procedure is excellent and there are some awesome practitioners out there. But more times than not I find that the healers do not have the time to go deep enough to the cause of an illness. They can easily prescribe pharmaceutics that take care of the outward indications. This where I feel a different approach can be taken. Holistic medicine or energy healing therapy can be very effective.

There are many types of energy healing modalities and alternative healing practices and techniques being used in our modern world. Some are more controversial than others. One thing that most have in common though is that they are based on the fact that we are all made up of energy. Today we talk with guest Corry Kouwenberg about one of these specific modalities, Matrix Energetics. We will also cover other forms of energy healing as well and answer the question can energy healing help me. The basic principles that are common to most of these systems is that illness results from non-supportive emotions, thoughts and belief patterns. In response to this health can be restored by removing or changing the energy around the trauma.

Some of the questions I get very often are:

  • What types of healers are there?
  • How does energy healing work?
  • How to do energy healing?
  • What is the best energy healing modality?
  • How to become an energy healer?

Come join us for this interesting episode of Unlocking your Truth and will be able to answer the question “ Can energy healing help me ?”

In this podcast you will learn:-can energy healing help me

  • Real life examples of people being healed.
  • Past emotional causes of illness.
  • How the observer effect is used to stimulate healing.

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