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C in Kanata, Canada asks the question: “Why am I feeling lost career wise ? I’ve been feeling lost career wise – not for lack of options, but for lack of direction – like my inner compass is broken. I recently went back to school, and graduated, but not feeling like I actually want to work in that field (accounting).”

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“I have a question from C in Canada why am I feeling lost career wise. C  says I have been feeling lost  career-wise  not for lack of options but for lack of  direction it’s like my inner compass is  broken. I recently went back to school and graduated but I’m not feeling like I actually want to work in that why am i feeling lost career wisefield of accounting.  I will let you see the card on the screen. The card that came up for you is a manifestation card. It’s all about asking for what you want and allowing yourself to receive what you want. So let’s take a look.  Well I’m seeing you standing outside of yourself C. you’re kind of looking  at that map that you’d drawn for  yourself, the career that you  trained for , looking at what will  that look like for the rest of my life.  If you do that and then just finding yourself saying I’m not passionate about it feels really uninspiring. So let’s see what you’re saying about lack of your inner compass.

 I don’t believe your inner compass is broken. I believe it’s got more to do with you giving yourself permission to have what you want and ask for what you want. it’s almost like you’re  looking back at yourself saying because  I’ve created that I’m stuck with that which I  don’t want that. I’m stuck with that and I don’t know how to let go of that.  Move on from that. Give yourself permission to just let go .you know the past only exists as a thought construct a thought form. All of that training that you did to train in accounting well you is not training in accounting right now. I’m saying just let it go.  

Connect with your divine source. Ground in present time and listen to your inner voice. Your inner voice isn’t broken you’re just not giving yourself permission to listen to it. . You’re just not giving yourself permission to follow your heart’s deepest desire because you feel like you created something you should be committed to. I’m saying its okay, that you’re not committed to it. you had  some life experience.  you discovered it  wasn’t what you prefer and now as the  fantastic creator being that you are you  can let that go and create something  completely different. that’s totally fine…” Watch the video for the whole story.

One listener is wondering if I can answer”why am i feeling lost career wise?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

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If you have ever been faced with making a career path choice you know how challenging it can be. Not changing employer but a whole new career direction. Lack of direction in life or lack of direction at work can cause one to question where they are. Why they are? Life purpose is one way of putting it. Traveling into unclear directions at work can cause every aspect of your life to suffer. What can be even worse is if you think you know exactly what you want and then educate yourself, put yourself out there and take the challenge and then find out you made a mistake. We can’t tell the future because it can constantly change dependent on the decisions we make along the way. I think that the attitude to where we are right now, the present, can alter the aimless striving. Listen to what I have to say in this reading about life purpose.


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