When Will I Figure Out My Purpose In Life? FCR045 

A Reader Asks About Her Life Purpose

Y in West Corvina US asks the question: ‘When will I figure out my purpose in life and when will I put it into action?

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading On Life Purpose:

What do I do with my life? What do I want in life? How many of us have asked ourselves these questions? I know that I have at times. That is how I actually ended up being a spiritual teacher. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wondering and pondering the reason for your existence, the when will i figure out my purpose in life actual meaning of life. Actually it is a good thing. It is when you become obsessed with the thinking process. I discuss this with this questioner in the following excerpt from her free card reading video as begins her journey. You may have similar questions about awakening to your life’s purpose.

When Will I Figure Out My Purpose In Life?

“Hi! I have a question in the United States. When will I figure out my purpose in life and when will I put it into action? Let me take a look. Well the first thing of course is and the answer’s in the question. When you stop trying to figure it out using your intellect so it looks like what’s happening is that your ego is getting in the way and of course your intellectual mind is its part of the body. It’s part of the brain. It’s logical. It’s linear. It tries to figure things out and I’m seeing that you’re allowing that aspect to dominate as opposed to receiving your higher guidance. Relaxing going into receiving mode and trusting. Having faith that the higher aspect of you is guiding your life and all you have to do is relax and allow yourself to be carried on the flow of that inspiration and direction.

So I’m going to share the card that came up here. it is actually all about what I  was just been talking about. That you a temporal self-physical body human with a higher self which is eternal and outside of space in time and has access to all information…”

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