A Free Card Reading

A free one card reading with special healing frequency intuition cards

Dr.Lesley Phillips invites you to have a free card reading

Receive a free card reading from Dr. Lesley. Email your question using the adjacent form and she will pull a Portico Card and email her answer with a copy of the card.


    Signing up for a free card reading gives you:-

    1. A healing energy intuition card send by e-mail
    2. A personal response to your question from Dr. Lesley
    3. An interpretation of the symbols & colors on the card
    4. Instructions on how to read and interpret the card yourself
    5. A healing from the transforming energies emitted by the card
    6. A new inspirational card e-mailed to your inbox each week
    7. The chance to be featured  on Dr. Lesley's Radio Show
    8. The opportunity for your question to appear on her Podcast

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What People Are Saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I found Lesley's Healing Cards to be very profound and healing on many levels. When I held a card between my hands, I could feel waves of energy emanating from it. I felt energy go from the bottom of my spine, to the top and out of my head, streaming over me like a waterfall. At the same time I could feel my chakras aligning. Then the energy ground back into my body, down into the earth. I felt so centered and balanced. I am very excited to discover such a powerful form of healing”.

Cress Spicer

"I loved using these cards. The use of joyous color and whimsical images were perfect to allow for a variety of interpretations. I found myself smiling while I used them and the messages I received were constructive and positive."

Margaret Paul
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The word Portico traces back to the ancient Proto-Indo European root *prtu-, which means "passage" from the base *per- which means "to lead, pass over." In various languages related words have the translation of "port, entrance, journey.” In every regard the name of this deck is apt. These lovely cards, 64 in total and each one a unique art piece, offer entry into a world of beauty, playfulness, and complex meaning. They invite deep study, establish pathways for intuitive communication, and inspire an atmosphere of whimsy and delight. The Portico cards are simply transporting.”

Diane Rodgers



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