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An energy healing boosts your personal healing process. What happens varies with the type of healing you receive. You may feel tingling, hot or cold or experience nothing. Everyone has their own unique experience. Sometimes a healing stimulates emotions, or physical sensations such as pain or tension. This is normal and is simply the energy blocks coming up to be released.

Dr. Lesley Phillips explains energy healing


      • Helps with your self awareness and personal growth
      • Raises the vibrational frequency of your body
      • Relaxes the body so it can release stress and tension
      • Increases vitality, delays aging and aids better sleep
      • It accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities
      • Normalizes blood pressure & supports the immune system
      • Helps relieve physical pain & promotes emotional clearing
      • Removes energy blockages and adjusts energy flow
      • Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins
      • Helps clear and balance aura, chakras, and meridians


Dr. Lesley will make an assessment of your specific needs and challenges and will make a recommendation on how to proceed. She combines using her ability to see, know, hear and feel intuitively with her skills in conscious energy manipulation.  You may receive any of the healing protocols listed her or a session that is completely tailored to your unique situation.

Aura Healing

An Aura Healing is a great way to boost to your healing process. This is a non-touch technique using a neutral, universal, cleansing energy. It includes a tune up for your energy channels, chakras and aura and helps anchor you into your physical body. It is helpful to have an Aura Healing as a precursor to a reading and all of the other energy healing work I offer.

Female Healing

Female bodies can create other human beings. This physical level of creation is supported energetically via the flow of female creative energy. This high vibration energy can be used in many creative projects, such as starting a business, creating art or any other project you choose. Many women turn their creative power down and channel this energy only in ways expected by society. This non touch healing cleanses and clears these limits.

Head Channel Healing

If you suffer from pain, stress and tension in your head or if there are too many busy thoughts swimming around in your mind then this healing is for you. The skull contains an array of energy channels and chakras, which may become blocked and cause discomfort. This healing is aimed at clearing these blocks.

Sick Bed Healing

This is a gentle cleansing of the energy field suitable for people who are bed ridden, who can’t sit for long or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Neutral cleansing energy is channeled in through the feet and out the head or is channeled in a circuit through the entire body.

Astral Body Healing

You experience the earth plane through your physical and astral body. The astral body is less dense and does not obey the same laws of reality as the physical body and so offers expanded creativity. The astral body can accumulate foreign and stuck energy from these experiences. During this healing the astral body and physical bodies are given a deep cleansing.

Long Distance Healing

All healing can be done long distance based on holographic principles and the spiritual law of inter-connection. You can choose to be present by phone, Skype or Zoom to receive it,but you do not have to be. Your condition is visualized and the healing is simply transmitted to you energetically. 

What People Are Saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Thank you so much for this. I am becoming much more spiritual as I get older. But I do tend to neglect my physical health (while focusing on higher things!!) More balance is required so that I can fully enjoy my life (and my beloved grandchildren)."

Lorna Heffel

"I was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Luckily it is treatable and I will take chemotherapy. I have read and re-read your book and have begun to use many of your visualizations in my meditations as I attempt to strengthen my immune system. So, THANK YOU! Dr. Lesley"

Dr. Robert Rose
John Doe UI/UX Designer

What You Get

      • A 50 minute call with Dr. Lesley to receive your healing.
      • A reading of your full energy system and your emotional, mental and physical bodies.
      • An audio recording of your call so that you don’t need to worry to miss anything.
      • A follow up email with support notes, a list of customized recommendations and next steps for you.
      • Competent, compassionate and loving support from Dr. Lesley
      • Dr. Lesley will call you either via phone, Skype or Zoom for your appointment - no matter where you are in the world.

Dr. Lesley's Healing Experience

I trained as a healer at the School of Insight & Intuition in the UK under Rupert Soskin in 1997 and under Mary Ellen Flora at the CDM Psychic Institute between 1999 - 2005. After qualifying as a CDM trained energy healer in 2000 I continued into advanced healing studies in their clairvoyant and teacher training programs. I completed over 500 energy healings during my training and have now done many thousands. Most sessions I do with clients usually involve some healing.

I have always been drawn to the healing arts, which is why I studied biology. My Ph.D. investigated how microbes are an abundant source of natural products that can be used in medicine. I worked in the medical field for over 20 years before dedicating myself to the healing and intuitive arts full time.

energy healing guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



The above services do not constitute a medical check up and should be seen as a complimentary service to those offered by your doctor and other professional healthcare practitioners. These services provide a spiritual perspective on the energetic counterparts to your physical body. They are not intended to take the place of a medical diagnosis, doctors consultation or treatment by the medical profession. Dr. Lesley Phillips provides energy based information of a spiritual nature. She does not give advice or predict the future because she believes in free will and your ability to create your own reality. By booking a healing session with Dr. Lesley Phillips you acknowledge this and agree that you are operating from your own free will and will not use the information provided during the healing session in place of professional advice. 

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