What Is Deja Vu? – UYT093

What Is Deja Vu, Fact Or Fiction?

What is Deja Vu (already seen). Deja Vu experiences, most of us at some point in our lives have had some form of an encounter with this phenomenon. All of a sudden you feel like this has happened before. You have been to a place at some point in time but your memory recallwhat is deja vu spiritually does not seem to agree. You meet someone who seems familiar but you actually have never met the person before in your life.

Why does Deja Vu happen? There are different schools of thought when we broach this subject. Some lean towards the explanation that the experience may may be the result of “precognition or “prophecy” . These of are explainable easily as well. You must a have a certain belief in these occurrences as well.

Another base of belief is that these incidents have a dream-based explanation. We have dreamt them and forgotten the dreams thus making them seem completely new. Another faction may be convinced that Déjà Vu’s feeling of familiarity stem s from past lives and having lived the experience previously but that it has been veiled after passing.

What is Deja Vu spiritually? There are many varied theories that are to be considered and we do just that in this podcast with Dr Lesley. Give it a listen, you will be amazed.

In this Podcast you will learn:what is deja vu UYT093

  • What are Deja Vu experiences?
  • What is the spiritual explanation for Deja Vu?
  • How does the astral plane come into play?

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