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Victim Of Circumstances Or Are You Truly A Victim of Your Own Making?

Bad things happen to good people as the adage goes. At some point in time you will most probably experience something very unpleasant that you did not see coming whatsoever. Bad things can happen to anyone of us at any time. Sometimes we are just a victim of circumstances. What we do when these occurrences greet us is the key to life. Whether you chose to lie down and give in or do your utmost to break through determines whether or not you allow yourself to become a Victim.victim of circumstances  

Again I will site a popular adage, “It is not how many times your fall down, it is how many times you get up that really counts.” A true, self-anointed, victim has real problems moving forward once adversity strikes.  Victims have a self-centered attitude towards pain and thus will have challenges getting past the issue at hand regardless of how small or large.  Suffering to these people is a forgone conclusion when actually it can be and is an option. Yes this sounds to easy but it is true. We all have the capability of choosing whether to suffer in emotional or spiritual agony.

Grounding and forgiveness also play big roles in allowing life to go on and the blessings to once more be recognized. Whether you are a victim of circumstances or not you can leave the victim mentality behind and start living a completely different, fulfilling life. Many have so can you.


In this Podcast you will learn:victim of circumstances

  • How do you get past being a victim?
  • How people succumb to being a victim.
  • How to recognize if you are one.



During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from listeners as well occasionally do readings  live on air for our call in guests.

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During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.

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