Religion and the First Chakra

Religion Play A Role In Influencing How We Use Our First Chakras

Regardless of your religion, there are lots to choose from on earth and many of them have guidelines for how we should conduct our lives in the physical world and thus play a role in influencing how we use our first chakras.  Perhaps these guidelines may benefit the group or the individual, but often they set limits and are unhelpful.

For example there may be a group belief about tithing a percentage of your income to the religion. Some may even go so far as to take a vow of poverty and give all their worldly possessions to the religious organization. Depending on how that income is used it may or may not be beneficial for the group; depending on the circumstances of the giver it Religionmay or may not be in their best interests.

There may also be a belief that money is the root of all evil and if you give it to the religion you will be saved, but if you fail to do this you will burn in hell. At this point people are being controlled at the first chakra level by their fear.

Some people who have been raised in a specific religious belief system rebel and harbor strong feelings against it for the rest of their lives. These people may never release their pain and resistance. They therefore continually create their lives through that pain. They may even reject any and all concepts of God. So they will never connect with their own unique concept of divine consciousness.

Others due to peer pressure or other limitations accept religious tenets blindly and without question. They too may never discover their own unique truth. Perhaps it is believed that only the priests or religious representatives can communicate with God. These messengers may tell them how to live their physical lives, such as how to dress, when to take holidays, what days to work on and the roles of men and women in society.Religion

Some other examples of religious beliefs that relate to the first chakra concern reproduction. For example, you must not use contraception, abortion is against God and sex should be for reproduction only. Others concern beliefs about healing the physical body, such as you may not have a blood transfusion or an organ transplant, if you are sick God is punishing you for your sins and hands on healing is the work of the devil or the work of God, depending on the religion.

Every human being is unique and therefore has a unique concept of God. They may call it God, Nature, Supreme Being, Divine Consciousness, the Great All That Is. Having a direct connection with their God is the birthright of every human being. A religion that intervenes and says they must communicate with God on your behalf and tell you how to live your life is interfering with your direct connection with your God and with the expression of your first chakra which contains your unique information on how to live your life in physical reality.

Meditation is a great way to get clear on your information about God and to let go of concepts that come from outside of you. As the age old tenet says “The Truth Shall Set You Free.” For only then will you be free to choose your unique path and your  own unique direct link with divine consciousness.

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