Cancer – What Does This Word Mean To You?

The Power of Words and The Miracles They can Create!

What does the word Cancer mean to you? Does it make you think of death, disease or no hope, or do you think of a loved one who has suffered from cancer and passed away? Does it bring to mind frightening statistics about the percentage of people who get breast cancer, prostate cancer lung cancer and so on, or which cancer the medical profession tells us progresses the fastest or the slowest? These words have power. The Power of words that can make you feel and experience negativity and even illness.

All words we use in our language come charged with energy and sometimes this is not helpful. Two weeks ago I went to my physician for an annual check up. I was feeling healthy and happy and had no reason to be concerned about my well being. However, the physician spent a long time examining my breast and announced she had found a suspicious lump and scheduled me for an ultrasound two weeks later to check it out.

I was the same personpower of words walking out of the doctor’s office, but now the label of breast cancer and all the beliefs and concepts that are attached to those words were looming in the air around me; The power of words changed my day. They only have power if I let them. I had a choice to take on that label and spend the next two weeks in fear and worry or to carry on that day with the same healthy body and attitude that I walked into the doctor’s office with.

Because I have a spiritual perspective, I knew there was nothing wrong so I chose not to take on the energy of the word cancer. I am also aware that we create through our beliefs, the power of words is a tool in this,  and so I was not about to believe myself into breast cancer. Besides I could not feel the lump and I could not see it with my clairvoyance. Yet this experience made me think of what this must be like for people who do not use their spiritual abilities. It would be so easy to sink into fear and worry and to create a lump by believing you were sick.

This experience was still a great healing opportunity for me though. Breasts are a symbol of nurturing, so I focused on nurturing myself and I meditated on healing and clearing the energy of my breasts. A friend gave me a clairvoyant reading of the incident and explained that there was a minor chakra that was being cleared of some dark energy from my past. She said the doctor had felt this energy and as she had a physical perspective rather than a spiritual one her only frame of reference was to think something was wrong.

I am glad to say that my ultrasound was clear and this was a great reminder to me words have power as well as the power of beliefs. I am so grateful for my spiritual abilities; there is nothing I know in this world that is more empowering than the ability to see and know and heal. This is why I love to teach and assist others so much. If there is one message I would like to share from this experience it is not to give your power away to words or the beliefs of others. Know that you are the powerful creator of your life and that you always have a choice.

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  1. Raywyn M. Erickson September 3, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    Hi … I went through this process in 2008, that’s when I decided to get back on tract and do my Spiritual Quest again. My Inner voice said “What About Healing?” Cancer is not the problem, cancer is the cure! mmm cure for what, I wondered? “CONSCIOUSNESS” was my reply. That’s why I want to learn more meditation/chakra work and include it in my classes. Blessings, Raywyn “Kiwi”


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