Healing Through the First Chakra

How to Balance Your Personal Yin and Yang

In an earlier post I spoke about the opposites present on planet earth and how physical reality comprises a duality of opposing forces. Healing is about creating balance between these opposing forces. The first chakra contains your information about how you balance these opposites. In eastern philosophy they may be referred to as yin and yang. In the west they may be simply called your male and female energies.

Physical survival requires homeostasis, which is a biological term for balance, or Yin and Yang. To stay alive, our bodies can’t be too hot or too cold, too active or too passive, too acid or too alkaline. We need to be in balance physically with exercise and rest, in what types of food we eat such as salt and sugar, mentally such as balancing studying or mental work with reading of listening to music.

The first chakra is also associated with the adrenal medulla and the fight or flight response. This is an innate response to danger and a mechanism that functions to keep the physical body safe. This makes complete sense in a situation of true danger, like when you are about to be attacked by a saber-toothed tiger. The trouble is that modern humans have taken this a step too far.yin and yang

The human stress response now kicks when we only imagine danger. For example, your under pressure at work because you have to deliver a project to a tight deadline and you’re afraid you will go over time and over budget and the boss will not be pleased. The adrenalin starts to kick in a long time before this imagined event even happens. Not only that, but unless you have a particularly sadistic boss, your body was never in any danger.

So how can we stay in balance, keep that Yin and Yang in receptive,  so we don’t over-react?

Daily meditation is a great way. Grounding is a simple but powerful technique that helps us release fear and imbalance. Centering is another powerful technique that allows a neutral perspective and helps us not to get too carried away with our fear or extreme perspectives.

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Below is an interesting Unlocking Your Truth radio show episode (podcast) regarding Work Life Balance Is Key.

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