Telepathy – fiction or true spiritual ability?

TelepathyDr Spock may not be the only one capable of telepathic communication.

In fact telepathy is a spiritual ability that we can all do with a little practice. There are even scientific studies that support the existence of telepathy in humans.

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the ability to communicate without the spoken word. Broad band telepathy is non verbal communication with groups. Narrow band telepathy is communication with one or two people. Telepathy can be used to both send and receive. This ability is Governed by the fifth chakra. Your telepathic channels include the sinuses, sternum and breast bone.

Stories About Telepathy

When I was a girl I loved to guess what my father was thinking. We would sit across from each other. Then one would send a thought for the other to receive. Nowadays I find people I am close to often share my thoughts. During my spiritual training my teacher used many forms of communication simultaneously, including language, showing us pictures and symbols clairvoyantly and by using her telepathy. Sometimes we were unfortunately had thoughts caught and reflected back at us that we would rather keep private.

How to Develop Your  Telepathy

Telepathy like all forms of spiritual communication can be fun. A great way to try this out is by playing the game of sending and receiving thoughts with a loved one or friend. Meditation is also a good way to help you bypass your intellect so you can receive spiritual messages without discounting them.

You can learn receive mentoring to activate and open your intuitive abilities, including telepathy here.




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