History, Society and the Second Chakra

The Second Chakra Allows Us To Tune Into Feelings Within A Society

The second chakra represents our transition from a survival based hunter gatherer culture to co-existence within groups, Society.  These Societies live together and support one another by growing food and raising animals. To live in a Society and co-operate requires an understanding of how we feel about a situation, as well as how others are feeling. This ability of clear feeling or clairsentience is located in the second chakra.

Second chakra traditions give a sense of belonging to the group.

The second chakra governs the emotions and sexuality. As these co-operative groups of humans developed into a regional society and even countries then specific cultures developed. Each evolved its own distinct second chakra rituals focused on emotional and sexual events such as mating, conception, Societymarriage and birth; as well as beliefs about the emotions and sexuality.

Second chakra celebrations involve food

The second chakra being the chakra of sensuality also relates to taste, eating and digestion. As anybody knows any good celebration also involves good food! So different cultures have developed different rituals around eating which often take place around society celebrations.

Different groups have developed their own traditions around food

Even today, we acknowledge that different cultural groups have different traditions around food and their own beliefs about the emotions and sexuality.  For example Jews and Muslims don’t eat pork and Hindus don’t eat beef, whereas Christians eat fish on a Friday. Italians eat pizza and pasta and Indians eat rice and curry.

Different Cultures have developed their own beliefs on emotions and sexuality

Even today, we acknowledge that different cultural groups have different behaviors and beliefs about the emotions and sexuality. We say that Latinos are passionate and fiery, but the Japanese are a bit strange in the bedroom and emotionally un-reactive.

Cultural stereotypes are based on matching second chakra energy frequencies

While comedians base jokes on these cultural stereotypes, it’s perhaps not politically correct these days to mention them. Yet energetically there are different cultural signatures that have built up over generations. They are based in history and in groups that live together matching energy on a second chakra level.

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