Clairsentience – Tuning in to Emotions and Sexuality

Are You Sensitive To The Emotion Of People Around You?

Can you tell without them saying anything if they are angry or happy or sad? You may well be using a spiritual ability called clairsentience to tune in to your friends and their feelings. Clairsentience refers to an ability to tune into the emotion and sexuality of your self and other people. The information for this spiritual ability is stored in an energy center in your belly called your second chakra.emotion

For your spiritual growth it is important to be able to tell the difference between your own feelings and those of the people around you. To do this you may need to clear foreign energies from your second chakra and bring this energy center into present time so that you are not experiencing a current situation through painful experiences from the past or through the energy of others.

As a child I used my clairsentience to know how the emotion of adults around me. Is Mummy angry or is Daddy sad? It is very common to use clairsentience early in life as a survival technique “if Mummy is happy then I get fed.” We are trained to tune in to other peoples emotions and are taught to “always be nice” and “not to hurt other people’s feelings.” We start to believe that the emotions and needs of others are more important than our own and loose touch with or even judge how we are really feeling.

The first step in spiritual growth is “know thy self”. Your emotions and sexual feelings are messages from your physical body. Understanding these messages is important if you are to be in conscious control of your life and respond appropriately to situations you find yourself in. Meditation is a great way to still the mind and tune into the bodies messages.

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Below is an interesting Unlocking Your Truth radio show episode (podcast) regarding Being an Empath – the Challenges of Emotional Intuition (Clairsentience).

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