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Episode 19

UYT019 – Dragons, Kundalini and Ley Lines

Dragons Aren’t Real! Are They? What do Dragons, Kundalini and Ley Lines have in common? One thing is that they are all considered legends or myths in some way. In this episode we explore these ancient legends and  creation myths. Also the relationship between dragons and the kundalini energy of the earth is discussed. As an […]

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Sexuality and the Second Chakra – Part 1

The Second Chakra Contains Your Information About Sexuality. The bodies’ energy in regards to sexuality is very powerful. On a physical level it is used to help create new bodies and ensures survival of the species. On a spiritual level it increases the vibration of the body so that spirit can transition between realities and […]

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Chakra 2 Blend

Introduction to the Second Chakra

My Second Chakra Characteristics  and Wonderful Body This month I am teaching my students about the second chakra characteristics and so will be posting a few blog articles about it so stay tuned! The second chakra is positioned two finger widths below the navel. It is a spinning vortex of energy that is positioned horizontal […]

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Welcome To The New Website

 Hi! I am Dr. Lesley Phillips and I would like to Welcome  You To My Meditation & Intuitive Healing Site. our site, Dr. Lesley Phillips .com exists to give you useful information about meditation, meditation training, energy healing, intuitive counseling, clairvoyance, psychic readings, and the benefits of these techniques. I’m happy to answer your questions at […]

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