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UYT040 – Can all Humans Channel Spirit?

Channeling means different things to different people. You can channel your energy, divine energy or non-self energy, which can be positive or even harmful. All humans  channel. You are spirit and you have created a physical body to channel your energy through. Famous examples of channels include J.Z. Knight and Ramtha; Jane Roberts and Seth and […]

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Clairaudience – Does hearing voices mean you are crazy or just psychic?

Do you think that if you hear voices it means you are crazy? Well think again, it may just mean that you are sensitive to spirit and are tuning in to spiritual messages using your clairaudience. Clairaudience simply means clear hearing and is a spiritual ability to hear beings without bodies including spirit guides, angels […]

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Precognition – the spiritual ability that helps you see future events

Have you ever had the experience of knowing what was going to happen before it did? If you have had this experience you may well have felt a sense of chock and awe, especially  if you didn’t understand that you were using a spiritual ability called precognition. Precognition allows you to know future events before […]

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Do you have spiritual abilities

Ever wondered if you have spiritual abilities?

Actually everyone does. In fact we are all born with a unique blueprint that determines which spiritual abilities we have chosen to focus on this lifetime. Unfortunately most of us put our focus elsewhere and our spiritual gifts close down over time. Luckily we can easily learn to re-open them We can do this by […]

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