aura colors

Your Aura Defines Your Creative Universe

All things on earth are made of electromagnetic energy and have an aura and aura colors. Your aura defines the limits of your personal creative universe. Everything inside of it is your personal domain. Everything outside of is somebody or something else. Your aura carries an electromagnetic signature of who you are right now. It […]

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exquisite friezes and sculptures

Spiritual Art in History | Explored By Dr Lesley Phillips

Many famous artists have cited spiritual inspiration as the driving force behind their works. In western cultures, artists often received spiritual inspiration and guidance from a divine source resulting in them creating beautiful art to depict religious stories. In the east the spiritual adepts conveyed spiritual messages to the uninitiated masses through art and other […]

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develop intuition

Welcome To The New Website

Hi! I am Dr. Lesley Phillips and I would like to Welcome You To My Meditation & Intuitive Healing Site. Our site, Dr. Lesley Phillips .com exists to give you useful information about meditation, meditation training, energy healing, intuitive counseling, clairvoyance, psychic readings, and the benefits of these techniques.

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