what is the seventh chakra the crown chakra

What Is The Seventh Chakra?

What is the seventh chakra and what are the crown chakra powers? Many people speak about it but do not have a true understanding of this power center. This energy center is positioned on the top of the head and is therefore sometimes called the crown chakra. The seventh chakra provides a connection to spiritual […]

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How Can I Develop Claircognizance

What is Claircognizance Part 1

Have you ever had the experience where you became inexplicably certain about something? “I just knew I shouldn’t take that flight. I knew there would be an accident. I don’t know how I knew, I just knew.” Or have you instantly received clear and accurate information that you say aloud or act upon before you […]

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what is the fifth chakra the throat

 What Is The Fifth Chakra?

The throat chakra location is self-obvious, in the throat. The nerve plexus for this chakra is the laryngeal plexus, which controls the throat, shoulders, arms and voice. As you can imagine from its position it governs many aspects of spiritual and physical communication. It is connected with the ears and hearing and with the voice, […]

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the power of words

The Power Of Words

The power of words and language are your vehicles to manifest your thoughts and beliefs into the physical world. The meaning of words allow you to share information with others and project your energy out into the world. Words and language also help you the spiritual entity feel more real to your physical body as […]

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how does meditation help

How Does Meditation Help Your Body?

How does meditation help you listen to your body’s messages and why is it important? When our body, mind and spirit are in balance, we experience good health. However, we sometimes get caught up in a crisis that causes us to focus in one area more than others and we get out of balance. One of […]

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how meditation opens your intuition

How Meditation Opens Your Intuition

Did you know that many of the great discoveries in history came from intuition? Albert Einstein is a great example, his theory of relativity was inspired by a dream, much like being a meditative state, where he was going down a mountainside ever faster and watching the appearance of the stars change as he approached […]

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How Meditation Helps Your Creativity Flow

Meditation Helps Your Creativity Flow

Meditation helps your creativity flow and opens the flood gates to your imagination. Above enhancing creativity it is also possible to use powerful meditation techniques and to consciously create your life. A Mindfulness practice really helps to adapt, create and thrive in a frantic world.

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