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Food, Emotions, Sex and The Second Chakra

Sex and The Second Chakra  The experience of taste is governed by the second chakra, as well as the emotions and sexuality, sex. At a basic survival level taste helps determine what is edible versus what is non-edible. However, humans were living in groups and had developed a consistent food supply, a whole culture around […]

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second chakra and overwhelming emotions

Emotions And The Second Chakra – Part 3

Strong emotions can be overwhelming. Do you allow yourself to fully experience your emotions or do you sometimes deny or repress them? After all strong emotions can be overwhelming. Can you remember a recent time when you were overwhelmed by your emotions? How did this impact you and those around you? What was your body […]

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Sexuality and the Second Chakra – Part 1

The bodies’ energy in regards to sexuality is very powerful. On a physical level it is used to help create new bodies and ensures survival of the species. On a spiritual level it increases the vibration of the body so that spirit can transition between realities and enter the physical realm.

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Emotions and the Second Chakra – Part 2

Each emotional message is different. Some of our emotions like fear, can be experienced as debilitating, whereas others, such as joy, have you feeling on top of the world.

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Emotions and the Second Chakra – Part 1

The second chakra is the bodies main communication channel to you the spirit. It contains your information on emotions. Emotions are a big subject and so I will post a few articles about this.

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History, Society and the Second Chakra

The second chakra represents our transition from a survival based hunter gatherer culture to co-existence within groups, Society. These Societies live together and support one another by growing food and raising animals. To live in a Society and co-operate requires an understanding of how we feel about a situation, as well as how others are […]

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Introduction to the Second Chakra

The second chakra is positioned two finger widths below the navel. It is a spinning vortex of energy that is positioned horizontal to the ground with energy flowing through it from front to back.

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chakra colors

Dispelling Myths about the First Chakra

People often believe that the color of the first chakra is red. This is because the Hindu chakra system teaches that the seven major chakras from first to seventh are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. From my perspective, this is a way to help the mind understand that the chakras increase in […]

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First chakra Earth without humans

Humanity Planet Earth and the First Chakra

As mentioned in previous articles on the first chakra. This energy contains your information about survival in the physical world. In this article I explore general ways in which humans approach survival on planet earth. Think of it as a kind of species wide first chakra program.

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Healing Through the First Chakra

In an earlier post I spoke about the opposites present on planet earth and how physical reality comprises a duality of opposing forces. Healing is about creating balance between these opposing forces. The first chakra contains your information about how you balance these opposites. In eastern philosophy they may be referred to as yin and […]

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