Do I Truly Create My Realty – What Now? – UYT060

Do I Truly Create My Realty Has Been Answered, Now What? The Law of Responsibility! That’s What!

How do you create your own reality? So we all have heard of the Law of Manifestation or the Law of Attraction at is also called. Basically this says that we can set intentions and your thoughts create your reality. They will manifest at some point if all things necessary are aligned and presto create your own reality. I have not only seen this action but I have participated in the receiving as well. Some modern metaphysical andlaw of attraction do I truly create my realty religious leaders even liken our existence to a hologram not unlike the holographic deck (holo deck)in the popular sci-fi television show Star Trek. This where we control the holographic images of our life and can change them at will. I can hear some of you now, “ do I truly create my realty ?’ The answer is yes.

I will give one example. I have a student who generally is a happy easy going individual. There are days, like all of us have occasional, where he just hates going to work. He can get up in the morning and say something like “If I had the flu I would stay home from work today.” Guess what? In a matter of minutes he has created the symptoms of the flu and he stays home. The down side is that he actually experiences the malady. Basically he has created his reality and now must live with the consequences. He is responsible for the outcome. So here we have the Law of Responsibility which intimates that if you create it, you’re responsible for it!

Do I truly create my realty? Yes again yes! It is your reality and now it is up to you how to live in your own reality. This is a codicil to the Law of Attraction which states that your thoughts become your reality. You may ask again “do I truly create my realty?” It makes no matter how often you ask it.  Everything that happens in your life is a direct result of your intentions and you do create it? If you do then you also must understand that you are also responsible for it. No blaming anyone or anything else.  Why is the acceptance of this important? Explore this concept in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr Lesley.


In this podcast you will learn:-do I truly create my realty

  • How do the two laws pertain to each other.
  • What does this responsibility really mean to your life.
  • How does karma pertain.

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