Aura Readings

What is your aura & how can developing awareness of it help you?

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Your aura reflects everything about you, so aura readings can be very powerful. All your memories & experiences are stored in this energy field. An Aura Reading provides a snap shot of you in time. It shows your present state of being, physical & mental health, emotions, spiritual experiences, concepts & beliefs you operate from. This session explains your current life circumstances. It seeds your consciousness, to take the next step on your path. An Aura Reading is an amazing gift where you are seen & accepted exactly as you.

Dr.Lesley Phillips explains an aura reading

10 B​enefits Of An Aura Reading

  • Aura readings help you get clear about many areas of your life:
    1. Career, work and how you make a living.
    2. Relationships with friends, family & others.
    3. Your love life & attracting your mate.
    4. Finances & your blocks to abundance.
    5. Health issues & restoring your well-being.
    6. Your life purpose, skills & abilities.
    7. Emotional problems & pain from the past.
    8. Your psychic experiences & abilities.
    9. Low self-esteem & feeling powerless.
    10. Feeling blocked, overwhelmed, indecisive.


What People Are Saying...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I recently had an amazing and very insightful session with Dr. Lesley that included an aura reading. I was really impressed with how precise and relevant all the information was. The session was very confirming, and has provided me with an increased sense of self-awareness. Dr. Lesley pinpointed the origins of a block which I had recently discovered, but had been unable to access on my own. Not only did she describe in detail the core aspects of it, she also did energy healing work within the session, to support clearing of the issue"

Jill Boadway

“Thank you so much for the reading yesterday Dr. Lesley, you really brought to light a lot of deep feelings that I have and it makes it so much easier to move through this energy with Grace opposed to going against the flow, I felt a huge release as the conversation went on and I know that it will just continue in that way as I incorporate what I learned and use it to better understand Life and my own Being”

Katherine Dixon
John Doe UI/UX Designer
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Dr. Lesley's Aura Reading Experience

My first memory of seeing energy was as a small child. By day when I looked at the sky I could see bright sparks of energy swirling all around. By night the air was full of vibrating colored lights. I asked the adults I knew if they saw it too & the said they did not. This was confusing to me as it was so obvious to me. I didn't want to be different so I focused on what everyone else could see as well.

As an adult I took clairvoyant training where I learned how to consciously see energy. I qualified in 2001 after doing 200 aura readings in 2 years. I have now done over 2,000 aura readings. I gained many insights about the human energy field and love  introducing people to their internal creative universe.

B​eginners Guide To The Aura

Get your free report with the most frequently asked questions about the aura.

A Few More Comments on Aura Readings...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I have now had two Aura Readings with Lesley and have found both to be very informative. Her skill at articulating what she sees is both relevant and useful. It has helped me gain insight as to where I am on my path. I would recommend her for a reading without hesitation. Thank you!"

Heather McLeod

“Lesley has been very insightful. Her aura reading was able to help me connect with myself and focused my attention to inner work that is much needed. Thank You Lesley!.”

Shruti Arora
John Doe UI/UX Designer

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



The above services are complimentary service to those offered by professionals, including, but not limited to doctors, healthcare practitioners, lawyers, financial advisers. These services provide a spiritual perspective on your life and are not intended to take the place of a medical diagnosis, doctors consultation, treatment by the medical profession, legal advice, financial advice or any other type of advice provided by a professional adviser. Dr. Lesley does not give advice or predict the future because she believes in free will and your ability to create your own reality. By booking a session with Dr. Lesley Phillips you acknowledge this and agree that you are operating from your own free will and will not use the information provided during the session in place of professional advice.