Confidence Through Inner Power

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  • Are you in transition or facing a major challenge?
  • Do you desire change but only see obstacles?
  • Are you feeling low in energy, blocked or  stuck?
  • Do you seek answers on spiritual experiences or life purpose?
  • Would you like to know how you can you be healed, supported and empowered?


Hello and Welcome!

I’m Dr. Lesley Phillips. For more than 15 years, I have helped thousands of people receive answers to questions about their soul path, life experiences, life purpose and spiritual abilities. I have helped them release their pain and fear, find their passion and move into their true nature.

I am a guide to conscious transformation and empowerment. I help you make a conscious connection between your physical presence and spiritual essence, so that you are led by your source.

My website is a resource for everything I love and know can help you. I invite you to explore the pages of information from finding out the benefits of meditation in eliminating stress and promoting healing to discovering your own psychic superpowers.

As a spiritual teacher and author, my expertise is in the delivery of tools and techniques that help you connect with your inner wisdom. I am proud to offer you my transformational Soul Seed Sessions; my empowering program of personalized 1:1 spiritual coaching (D.E.V.A. Program); as well as my many programs of spiritual growth, which are all based on the teachings in my book The Midas Tree.

I hope that you feel drawn to explore further. It matters to me that you receive the help you need and achieve the life-altering results that are possible for you.


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